Jargon Watch: URST

Reading Time: < 1 minute URST (said so it rhymes with thirst) – unresolved sexual tension. A device and description used by soap opera, sitcom and even advertising script writers describing the relationship (or lack of it) between two characters according to the Late Late Breakfast Show on RTE. Think the relationship between protagonists Maddie and David in the comedy… Continue reading Jargon Watch: URST

Tanorexic, Speedophiles and Barney Release

Reading Time: < 1 minute Tanorexic – people who use tanning salons excessively.  A tanorexic is said to have the same kind of compulsion based around self image as people with eating disorders. Speedophiles – people who break the speed limit, made up by the pro speed camera lobby in the UK. The careful choice of wording designed to make speeding… Continue reading Tanorexic, Speedophiles and Barney Release