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Get Tough by William E Fairbairn

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What is Get Tough? Get Tough is a book on hand-to-hand fighting originally published in 1942. It is important for what it represents as much as it is with regards its content. Fairbairn as an author By the time Get Tough was written in 1942; Fairbairn was an experienced published author. In 1926, Fairbairn wrote […]

Measure What Matters by John Doerr

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I was recommended Measure What Matters by my friend and fellow ex-Yahoo Cathy Ma. Cathy found the book useful in her way through managing teams. In Measure What Matters, John Doerr explains the idea of objectives and key results or OKRs. About John Doerr If you’ve worked in or around the Silicon Valley technology space […]

The Exponential Era by Espindola & Wright

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The Exponential Era is a business strategy book published by the IEEE Press as part of its series on technology, innovation and leadership. David Espindola and Michael Wright work at Intercepting Horizons and advise at the University of Minnesota. The book is a concise 182 pages including its index. It has a satisfying hard cover […]

Type Matters by Jim Williams

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Why would I care about a book like Type Matters? Back at the beginning of the PC era; Apple sought to differentiate itself through its understanding of design. Steve Jobs had the Macintosh team apply the knowledge he’d gained dropping into a college course on typography. Fonts and kerning became important. Jobs also drove his […]

The Bhutto Dynasty – The Struggle for Power in Pakistan by Owen Bennett-Jones

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Before reading The Bhutto Dynasty I knew very little about Pakistan. The story of the Bhutto family is a story of fierce ambition with bursts of hubris. But it is also the tale of the moghul empire of pre-Raj India, British rule and post-colonial Pakistan. The Bhuttos have been at the centre of Pakistan government. […]