Belief Systems

Reading Time: < 1 minute And yea it came to pass, Steve came before a multitude of the faithful and unveiled a small beige box and they saw that it was good. The box did say hello on its screen and was given the sacred name Macintosh. A name that shall be revered by the faithful for the next 21… Continue reading Belief Systems

Crystal Ball Gazing

Reading Time: 7 minutes Over at, Bob Cringely has put up his predictions for the technology industry this year. I have posted the highlights in italics and my comments below: – Microsoft’s entry into the anti-virus and anti-spyware businesses will be a disaster for users. This is based on everything I know about Microsoft, having watched the company… Continue reading Crystal Ball Gazing

MacWorld San Francisco

Reading Time: < 1 minute AppleInsider has a blow-by-blow account of Steve Jobs’ keynote at MacWorld SF. The announcements did not contain too many surprises partly because of ThinkSecret and Apple’s legal action against their site. iPod Shuffle – this is Apple’s attempt to enter the lower end of the MP3 player market, It is also more suitable for physical… Continue reading MacWorld San Francisco