Deep Thoughts: The Marketing Gap

Reading Time: 2 minutes I had an interesting discussion at Second Chance Tuesday with Helen Keegan. Helen is a mobile marketing expert, she runs Beepmarketing, is a part-time university lecturer and helps run the Swedish Beers networking group for people in the mobile space and blogs under the snappy moniker of TechnoKitten. Helen highlighted that there was a generational… Continue reading Deep Thoughts: The Marketing Gap

Hallyu, Mociology & Microchunk

Reading Time: 2 minutes Hallyu – The rise of Korea as a cultural hotbed (what’s called the Korean wave in some quarters) in Asia: from the sexiest mobile phones, or well written and produced cinema to K-pop (the Korean equivalent of J-pop: sugar-coated Japanese pop music that carries well in other Asian markets and performed by young performers so… Continue reading Hallyu, Mociology & Microchunk

Web Services – OS for life

Reading Time: < 1 minute Richard Holway of Ovum and The Holway Report fame sent through the text of his annual presentation to the great and good of the ICT world in aid of the Prince’s Trust technology leadership group. Holway recognised and highlighted the role of consumers in driving technology adoption. Whilst he didn’t break out in Web 2.0… Continue reading Web Services – OS for life