Getting in touch with Ged Carroll

There is lots of ways to get in contact with people, but only five for Ged Carroll regarding anything on this blog.

1/ Feel that you want to put your opinion over on an issue, use the comments section at the bottom of the relevant posting. You can read about the way that I handle comments here, check ‘em out and then post away.

2/ Email: if there is something that you want to say but don’t want to share with a larger audience, feel free to drop me an email, if it’s any good I reserve the right to share it on the blog with my readership (hi Mum!). Anyway the email address is found at

3/ I can be found on WeChat – renaissancechambara

4/ You want to send fan mail (as if), use this Amazon page wishlist instead

5/ You can follow this blog and related content on Twitter

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