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HP | Palm deal thoughts

Reading Time: < 1 minute That HP rode in as a white knight took me a little bit by surprise. I tuned into the conference call to find out more about the deal. I have bullet-pointed out my thoughts below: Is HP executive Todd Bradley the right person for the deal? He was CEO of the company in the early… Continue reading HP | Palm deal thoughts

The trouble with Palm

Reading Time: 2 minutes First of all some disclosure: I worked on the Palm PR account some ten years ago now and got to work with some of the smartest people in mobile device technology, notably the company’s chief competitive officer Michael Mace as an occasional media spokesperson back when his pictures had him with a Magnum PI-style moustache.… Continue reading The trouble with Palm

Cool Marketing Campaign and the Palm News

Reading Time: < 1 minute I noticed a clever marketing campaign in this evenings thelondonpaper whilst on the train home. The print advertising campaign and marketing website features life coach Pete Cohen. Many of the people who will move to a CapitalOne card will be in a bit of a bind and looking to consolidate debt at a lower interest… Continue reading Cool Marketing Campaign and the Palm News