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Google Music China

Reading Time: 2 minutes I spent some time in Shenzhen and tried the Google Music China service. It was unlike anything else I have seen and was designed especially for consumers in mainland China. Google Music China is impressive in terms of the size of its catalogue and ease-of-use. You have a mix of western artists and Chinese artists… Continue reading Google Music China

Links of the day

Reading Time: 3 minutes Google’s Display Advertising Strategy Revealed! (GOOG) – for most key words Google seemed to have reached an optimal price, so display advertising expansion makes sense. Is Google worth its share price given the amount of future growth factored in and Microsoft worth throwing money at competing with it. The Science of ReTweets Report | Dan… Continue reading Links of the day

Who is your city? by Richard Florida

Reading Time: 2 minutes Richard Florida is famous for his works on the rise of the creative classes. Who is your city? is an exploration into how clusters develop wrapped up under the guise of a self-help book. The book was recommended by a friend to mine who has been studying architecture and urban design. Florida looks at the… Continue reading Who is your city? by Richard Florida