Ged Carroll

GoatCactus and Screen Ghosts

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What are GoatCactus and Screen Ghosts? Before you ask we haven’t been hitting the magic mushrooms again. Facetop is a project at the University of North Carolina to ‘screen ghost’ video conference participants on to a computer screen, check here. No more annoying iChat screens. GoatCactus is a piece of software that uses computer math to […]

Coca Cola marketing stunt

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Coca Cola, the troubled beverage company is in the midst of a major marketing promotion to try and bolster sales of its signature drink. Throughout the US, Coca-Cola has put 120 special cans into multipacks of original Coke. These cans look like a Coke, feel like a Coke, but instead of the secret formula contain […]

Oakley MP3 glasses

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Ok, its the Sunday morning (late) after the Saturday night, your feet are aching, your clothes stink of cigarettes and your ear drums have been desensitised by the music power of a night club sound system. You want calming sounds at relatively low volume, which makes a pair of MP3 glasses sensible. Your best mate […]