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Four trends around me

Reading Time: 3 minutes Four ideas that have been kicking around in my head for a while, but didn’t quite feel like standalone posts. Part-observation, part-manifesto make of the four trends what you will. Data utopianism There is a temptation to think that new developments will evolve in a manner that is entirely positive for society. However that generally… Continue reading Four trends around me

Crystal ball-gazing: 2012 how did I do?

Reading Time: 2 minutes Sorry that things have been quiet here; a combination of work, food poisoning and a writing-related deadline but posting on rc temporarily down on my list of priorities. But now balance has somewhat returned to the Gedverse. Last year (as for the past few years) I looked at what I thought would be trending items… Continue reading Crystal ball-gazing: 2012 how did I do?