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Reading Time: 18 minutes I’ve read a good number of books, but only a subset remain on my bookshelf. For instance, I love graphic novels, but I pass them on to friends. They entertain, but in general they don’t stay on the bookshelf. When I say bookshelf that’s probably inaccurate for a few reasons. Some of the older books… Continue reading Bookshelf

Things that caught my eye this week

Reading Time: < 1 minute I’ve been listening to My Analogue Journey which has got an amazing selection of Japanese music as part of his videos. Check this out Streaming Up From Boston – Info on how to watch here | Dropkick Murphys – what really surprised me is that enterprise software company Pegasystems stepped up to financially support this. Its… Continue reading Things that caught my eye this week

Brand winter & how to cope

Reading Time: 7 minutes I started thinking about ‘brand winter’ when I read about TBWA Hong Kong and their ‘Brave Bear Pack’ offering. Campaign Asia describes as a new product focusing on growth hacking and cost efficient tools for surviving the financial winter brought on by Hong Kong’s anti-ELAB protests. I thought financial winter was an interesting metaphor to use… Continue reading Brand winter & how to cope