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Vivienne Tam + more things

Reading Time: 2 minutes Vivienne Tam Vivienne Tam hosted a video fashion show for her clothes in Hong Kong. The key difference between this and other shows is that the Vivienne Tam show took place in the iconic Ngong Ping cable car across Lantau island. Vivienne Tam has a range had the usual mix of western cut and Chinese… Continue reading Vivienne Tam + more things

RISC V + other news

Reading Time: 13 minutes RISC V There is heat starting to generate (finally) behind RISC V: Marvell founders back data centre RISC-V chiplet startup | EE News Europe  and Apple is doing their due diligence with a RISC V code port: Apple is Reportedly Designing Various Embedded Subsystems across all Operating Systems using RISC-V – Patently Apple  – is… Continue reading RISC V + other news

False reviews + other news

Reading Time: 5 minutes False reviews Shenzhen to support Amazon merchants | Trivium China – 50,000 merchants were banned from Amazon for astroturfing false reviews. The ban was worth up to 100 billion yuan in sales to these merchants. Half of the merchants affected are based in Shenzhen. Now the Chinese government is looking at what it can do… Continue reading False reviews + other news