Links of the day

Reading Time: 2 minutes Popular Social Networking Websites Around The World – thanks to Steve Rubel ‘Buzz’ finds favour in the UK – Coca Cola and Kelloggs leap on buzz marketing Featured Mac Download: Add Keyword Search to Safari with Keywurl  – key word tool built into Safari apophenia: Where HCI comes from (and where it might go) SyncWizard … Read moreLinks of the day

Customer insight

Reading Time: 2 minutes I have been thinking a lot about customer insight recently. Part of this thought process goes back to when I was at college I was told the story of instant coffee’s launch in the US. The story went something like this: instant coffee granules were successfully launched in the US, and then sales dropped off. … Read moreCustomer insight

Links of the day

Reading Time: 1 minute Judge on privacy: Computer code trumps the law | CNET Michelin Gives Stars, but Tokyo Turns Up Nose – New York Times – if I go restaurant hunting in Japan, I want to be told by by the Japanese not some French interlopers the best places to go. Also Japan is more wired than … Read moreLinks of the day

Who watches the movie-makers?

Reading Time: 2 minutes Some things are special to you. For me there is a wide range of works of art that stand very nicely on their own without people trying to improve on them like the original 3:10 To Yuma, Sergio Leone’s Dollar’s trilogy and Once Upon a Time in The West, anything Akira Kurosawa shot with Toshiro … Read moreWho watches the movie-makers?

Links of the day

Reading Time: 2 minutes How to Succeed in an Ever-Changing World – O’Reilly FYI – one for the Amazon wishlist Friendster – Rexteen Rexy – Unilever social media work on friendster aimed at Malaysian teens. It has a widget that allows you to furnish a virtual room. The more deodorant you buy, the more stuff you can have in … Read moreLinks of the day