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Work with Ged Carroll – getting in touch

From a professional point of view you can find my profile on YunoJuno and LinkedIn; get my email from Spamty to drop me a line.

I currently work as a strategy director and have done this for a number of creative and advertising agencies in London, Hong Kong and New York.

My approach is: logical, insight-led & pragmatic. My strategy journey and expertise has been across sectors, countries and disciplines. This included successful global product launches, brand strategy, comms planning, omnichannel and digital transformation all of which leaves with a ‘T-shaped’ skillset. I’m driven to do work that has intrinsic quality; that has accomplished something despite the challenge. Whether its consumer marketing, retailing, a public service announcement campaign, B2B or marketing in a regulated sector like health – cracking the business and creative challenge at the centre and the team around me that drives me.


If you want to work with Ged Carroll; you’ll probably need proof of what I can do. Here are my portfolio examples, with contact details at the back. You can download your own copy with embedded video content on Google Drive or Dropbox. A PDF version of the presentation can be found here to download.

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Creation of an advertisement focused on family dinner as a product moment, and adaption of an advert for different markets and products .

The original TV advertisement for Unilever Mexico.
Adaption of the same advertisement for Unilever Germany.
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Brand film for GSK.
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Cinema and social media video advertisement for Novartis.
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Other work

Advertisement and brand experience for a private member’s club in Shenzhen, China. This movie ran as online video advertising, in the club reception and on digital out of home screens in the OCT neighbourhood of Shenzhen.
Demonstration film for AMD Live – a smart home eco-system of products. This film was designed to demonstrate AMD Live proof-of-concept to business partners.

Ged Carroll – work history

I started off my agency career in communications. I have worked with  agencies, helping them develop successful new business pitches.

I have worked on brand marketing for a number of brands including:

  • ABB
  • Babcock International (my sole experience working on an employee branding project)
  • Adidas womenswear (China: running, yoga, fitness ranges)
  • Aljazeera
  • BEST, Inc (global corporate brand campaign for Chinese logistics software company)
  • BHP-Billiton (oil exploration interests)
  • BMW (I-series electric vehicle range)
  • Bordeaux Wine marketing board (CIVB)
  • BT (brand campaigns for Research, Wholesale, Services arms)
  • BTEC (brand marketing campaign)
  • Coca-Cola (Hong Kong specific brand marketing campaign: collaboration with Japanese streetwear brand Neighborhood to promote Coke Zero)
  • DJI (global brand marketing campaign for drone manufacturer)
  • HereMedia (
  • Gilead (campaign to encourage HIV patients in life planning across both health and personal finances)
  • GSK (global campaigns for patients, parents and HCPs)
  • HBOS
  • HP (Palm)
  • HPE (3Com)
  • Huawei (consumer devices and telecoms product ranges)
  • Indofoods
  • Iusacell
  • Jamf
  • Johnson & Johnson (digital product development)
  • MBNA
  • Merck (digital marketing dashboard development)
  • Mandarin Oriental (brand marketing to young Chinese luxury consumers)
  • Melco Crown
  • New Balance (global soccer launch)
  • Novartis (meningitis awareness UK, Ireland and Czech Republic)
  • Novo Nordisk (US and global obesity launch)
  • Nu-Skin (Hong Kong and mainland China)
  • O2 (Genie mobile internet portal, EuroTel Praha which became O2 Czech Republic)
  • Oakley (Hong Kong)
  • Pfizer (Viagra)
  • Procter & Gamble (Hong Kong market brand marketing for SK-II)
  • Qualcomm (brand marketing campaign across high growth Asian markets)
  • Sandoz consumer health products (ACC)
  • Shell (youth marketing campaign in Malaysia and Indonesia)
  • Sony (global brand marketing on PlayStation and mobile devices at different times)
  • T-Mobile Slovensko (Eurotel Bratislava)
  • Telenor (Myanmar brand awareness campaign)
  • The National Lottery (seasonal brand activation)
  • Unilever (Dove and Family Brands global brand marketing)
  • Verizon (US corporate band marketing)
  • Vodafone Italia (Omnitel Pronto Italia)
  • Welcome Stranger
  • Yahoo! – back when it meant something
  • XL Axiata Indonesia (Excelcomindo)

I’ve done this work while based in the UK, China and Hong Kong. I focused on how brands present themselves through different channels from television adverts, cinema adverts, dating app ads, OOH, events, websites, Asian and western social platforms.

As part of this process I developed teams and talent to do the work. These team members have gone on to hold senior roles at Accenture, the BBC, Edelman, Kantar, McCann-Erickson, Ogilvy, ExpressVPN and Uber. Together we won work from start-up and well known brands.

Everything else

For insights on things strategy and planning related, feel free to follow my blog. I blog on things that interest and inspire me. Brand planning, media of all types, consumer behaviour, design, culture and technology. Not only in the UK, but in the US and East Asia. I also keep an eye on a few vertical markets: technology, luxury, FMCG / CPG and beauty being the four most highly featured on this site.