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Revealed: The Internet’s Biggest Security Hole | Threat Level from

What The Veoh Decision Means For YouTube And Others

900 Web APIs – handy reference


China’s 3G strategy revealed – The INQUIRER

Micro Persuasion: Trends That Will Help Define the Future of PR and Marketing

Foxconn helps shift Apple iPhones with viral photo giveaway?


There is a buzz on the blogosphere amongst iPhone users about iPhone Girl. A UK iPhone purchaser found pictures of one of the Foxconn factory workers on his phone when he activated it. Like other buzz campaigns such as the bring back Cadbury Wispa Facebook group fiasco, the orginators have up to now denied that it was a buzz marketing exercise.

Foxconn claim that the iPhone Girl was a member of staff and had not been expelled.

Xiandai Kuaibao claim that the photo may have been taken during production testing of the device.

This buzz has directed some attention away from the product criticisms of the new iPhone and a recent UK government censure for Apple regarding misleading advertising claims made about the new iPhone. Given the efforts of Apple’s PR (or this little video gem) and marketing teams subcontracting this work out to Foxconn makes perfect sense.

Foxconn‘s factories were alleged to have been described by Apple’s engineers as Mordor.  If nothing else the smiling girl in the pictures lends credibility to Foxconn’s claims that allegations of poor working conditions in its factories were without merit.

Kudos to MarkM49UK for the picture

Links of the day

ProofHQ – interesting approvals workflow tool for designers and the creative industry

Contagious – Great examples of branded entertainment content

The Death of Trends, the Rise of Zara | PSFK – Trends, Ideas & Inspiration

PingMag – Big Issue Japan: Saving the Homeless – interesting article about the Japanese version of The Big Issue. Of particular interest is the way different homeless magazines like Big Issue UK and Japan syndicate their content around each other. Something to think about in terms of PR ROI

HelloTxt – Update Status – Similar to (thanks to Alex)

Orange owns up to download speed limit for all 3G devices – the future’s limited, the future’s Orange

Study: Blogs Love Obama, News Sites Love McCain. But McCain Is Catching Up By Going Negative. – interesting analysis of the online election campaign

Softbank to cut minimum monthly fee for iPhone to Y2,324 › Japan Today: Japan News and Discussion – to counter lower charge services launched by NTT DoCoMo. Looks like the cache of the iPhone wasn’t enough

Brands in eBay UK’s Zeitgeist

As part of its mail out to customers I noticed that eBay had included a ‘what’s hot top ten’, think of it as a kind of brand version of Google’s zeitgeist. It made some interesting reading:

  1. iPhone – not terribly surprised by this one. Even Ewan over at Mobile Industry News was struggling to get hold of a first-generation iPhone recently.
  2. Wii fit – your starting to get bored of the Wii Sports games that came with the console, how do you keep the crumblies amused?
  3. Nintendo DS – a work of pure genius and good value for money, can’t understand the reason why people poke around on eBay for one – its all a bit pikey really
  4. Next – the people’s clothing store. I still haven’t worked out why though
  5. Laptop – family rows used to be about who drove the television remote control, this was eventually settled by hand me down TVs in the kids rooms. I suspect this laptop popularity is the internet equivalent.
  6. Diesel – Diesel is the new Levi’s so its inevitable that they would feature on the poll. Surprised that clothes purchases rate so highly though given the highly tactile purchase experience offered in offline stores. Shopping centres are doomed
  7. PS3 – not only is it the high-spec games console that isn’t as much fun as a Wii, it is also a respectable Blu-Ray player. I am holding out for Denon to get some skin in the game and Richer Sounds to start chipping them to play disks from all other regions before investing. I mean you can’t take the PS3 seriously, it looks like Darth Vader’s cigar humidor
  8. PSP – whilst the DS is the ultimate portable games console the PSP has been carving out a very good niche for itself as an alternative portable video platform to the iPod video. Its all about the screen. I still think the PSP looks like a tombstone
  9. Nokia – the people’s mobile phone, why pay for a new handset when you can get a cooler unlocked handset on eBay, no questions asked. With widespread BB5 decoders about to go on sale it will be a lot cheaper to unlock handsets in the future
  10. Radley – the value designer bags with the highland terrier logo (you know similar to the terrier that also appears on the Netto supermarket bags like this one below)

netto bag

Links of the day

Perspectives : Firefox Extension – extension to the popular Firefox browser that contacts network notaries whenever your browser connects an HTTPS website. The extension provides two primary benefits: 1. If you connect to a website with an untrusted (e.g.,self-signed certificate)*, Firefox will give you a very nasty security error and force you to manually install an exception. Perspectives can detect whether a self-signed certificate is valid, and automatically overrides the annoying security error page if it is safe to do so. 2. It is possible that an attacker may trick one of the many Certificate Authorities trusted by Firefox into incorrectly issuing a certificate for a trusted website. Perspectives can also detect this attack and will warn you if things look suspicious.

Russians dent Google’s world domination – Times Online

Sinopec warns of third-quarter profit plunge – China Economic Review

Pudding Relations: Research on Twitter demographics from Hitwise – digerati main users of twitter

Paul Kedrosky: U.S. Consumers Live in Smelly Houses with Fat Pets – interesting data on where the recession is likely to squeeze spending on the supermarket isles

Exclusive Lifehacker Interview: Debunking The Myth of Multitasking