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Hack Day tools for non-developers

apophenia: Would the real social network please stand up?

From Corporate to Personal: A Breakdown Of The Four Types of Twitter Profiles « Web Strategy by Jeremiah Owyang | Social Media, Web Marketing

Yahoo committed seppuku today « The Jason Calacanis Weblog – I couldn’t have said it better myself

Online usage has flat lined. And why that doesn’t matter. | Econsultancy :: How to: write the perfect press release for journalists

imc²:Twitter location mashup – like Twittervision but you can put in search tools

FeverBee: Never Be Afraid That Nobody Will Join Your Community When You Launch

Oprah Time: Clever: Leading Your Smartest, Most Creative People by Rob Goffee & Gareth Jones

Rob Goffee and Gareth Jones have addressed the fact most management books have only just about come to terms with the knowledge economy. Instead of workers being on the production line, they now toil away in front of PCs.  But most management books don’t acknowledge that many businesses are now based around the efforts of talented creatives, be they research scientists, designers or even digital strategists <^_^>.

Clever: Leading Your Smartest, Most Creative People is supposed to explain to managers how their management style should adapt to dealing with creative professionals, however it is as much a business book explaining how creatives influence and create wealth for their organisations.

Style-wise the book is mercifully thin, Goffee and Jones aren’t of the school of thought that a book has to be dense to deliver a thought leadership platform. If it has any weakness, it is that some of the case studies are sycophantic rather than objective in nature.

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Web 2.0 Asia :: A Glimpse into SK Telecom’s App Store – interesting that this is PC-side loaded apps rather than OTA (over the air)

Snapshot of Social Networking in Malaysia – some interesting metrics here, you can see the way Friendster is now losing out to Facebook in a previous stronghold market as Facebook has reached a global tipping point. Flickr is surprisingly popular as well.

The three biggest reasons music magazines like Vibe and Blender are dying. – By Jonah Weiner – Slate Magazine – or how the long tail and the record labels have killed the music press

The Importance of Social Media Audits « Web Strategy by Jeremiah Owyang

What Everyone Made from the Zappos Sale – following on from this post last week, this article put it into context. Salim sent me this article through which adds further insight: Zappos Earned $11 Million On $635 Million Of Sales Last Year (AMZN)

With Jobs Scarce in Japan, Women Become Professional Flirts –

Richard Edelman – 6 A.M.: Huffington Post; Taking the Next Step

Stay Tuned for Bluetooth on Your TV

Has social media paid off with improved customer satisfaction?

Revenue Drop the Beginning of the End for Microsoft, Say Some Pundits – ‘the end’ is an exaggeration but there is some fat that can be trimmed like online services. With the inevitable drop of Win 7, Microsoft will pick up again. I think that the clear difference is that Microsoft has moved from a growth stock to a value stock. This however has been on the cards for a while: Unlimited Potential reminds me of the stoner who checks down the back of the sofa for overlocked weed or pocket change.

Starting Up in a Down Economy – Inc. magazine – interesting perspective recommended by Salim

Jargon Watch: Galápagos syndrome

When Darwin arrived at the Galápagos islands, he came across species that had fantastically evolved from their counterparts elsewhere due to their prolonged isolation. Galápagos syndrome is used by Japanese telecoms executives such as Takeshi Natsuno, who developed the i-Mode system and now teaches at Tokyo’s Keio University  to describe the Japanese handset market and development. A combination of differing technical standards, culture, hardware sophistication and a lack of user-experience expertise has left Japan with a handset ecosystem which is highly evolved and differentated from the rest of the world. However they are also struggling to compete on the international stage.

Kudos to: The New York Times Online: Why Japan’s Cellphones Haven’t Gone Global By Hiroko Tabuchi (July 19, 2009).

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latest statistics for digital china | Digital China Guide

SoftBank – gobsmacked at some of the cool looking handsets that Softbank pack, though the specs on them often don’t live up to the cool design