I like: Personas | Metropath(ologies) by Aaron Zinman

I came across this project at MIT Media Lab by Aaron Zinman. I really like the way it represents what a search term is about rating it against a pre-defined taxonomy of categories. The process of scanning the data was transparent and facinating to watch.


I took a screen shot whilst the process was running.

persona finished results

Here is the finished article.

Links of the day

Is @Microsoft ready for twitter success? @ Snark & Awe – Doug Winfield dissecting Microsoft’s current Twitter activity. Doug knows what he is talking about, having an insight into Microsoft working agencyside as the digital champion on the Microsoft account at Waggener Edstrom

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Security in-a-Box

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Q&A: Tamara Littleton on online moderation | Blog | Econsultancy – Good interview with Tamara. I had the pleasure of being on a panel discussion with her a few years ago, extremely smart stuff on moderatioon

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Xtranormal | Text-to-Movie – something that I need to check out

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All change in the UK: Orange announces iPhone 3G/3GS agreement | Mobile Industry Review

Entrepreneurship Corner: Stanford University’s free podcasts and video clips of entrepreneurial thought leaders and innovators from Silicon Valley. – really good videos about transformational innovation

Expansys’ Most Wanted

Expansys’ Most Wanted, originally uploaded by renaissancechambara.

Expansys sent through a marketing email highlighting what they described as ‘Most Wanted Gadgets in 2009’. I must admit only one out of six items made my own personal desire list, but what do I know.

What would be your half dozen ‘Most Wanted Gadgets in 2009’? Here’s my six for starters:

Google’s celebration of Confucius’ birthday

Google’s celebration of Confucius’ birthday, originally uploaded by renaissancechambara.

I really like the logo that Google has posted this morning to celebrate the birthday of Confucius.

Sharing online

I am a collector. Its an intrinsic part of me. I have a bookshelf full of books, a collection of mechanical watches, a garage full of vinyl records and a collection of interesting web links online here. I am slightly different to a hoarder in that I am quite happy to let stuff go. I recently cut my watch collection right back as my interests had changed in the types of watches that I liked.

new delicious save page

It is a similar story with my music collection, in fact the only thing slowing my thinning out my collection is the fact that you literally can’t give the stuff away on eBay at the moment and secondhand record shops will charge you to take the stuff off your hands as the recession has crushed people’s discretionary income.

I have over 9,000 links stashed away on delicious. I don’t need to clear things out because delicious has infinite room to all intents and purposes. Delicious also allows me to find people who are likeminded and do the online equivalent of shoulder surfing to take a peek at their bookmarks. For instance my friend David Rout is a great photographer, so I will pay attention to photographic-related links that he has. It has and will continue to attract collector types like me.

It makes me wonder whether early adopter-types are collectors (of beta version experiences)?

This is different to the sharing that happens on social networks which are closer to passing around dishes at a dinner party as a way of spurring interaction between guests. This is probably why the statistics in this comparative research on the way consumers share websites is of limited value.

Probably the most significant change in statistics is the surge of Live Bookmarks and Yahoo! Bookmarks in market share despite better products out there like delicious and Google Bookmarks. These show that the portals have managed to sell bookmarking to their heavy users (I am guessing through toolbar downloads) whilst the early adopters have kept with their own personal favourite tools.

Arachnid Romeo

I was walking down the street and I noticed how similar looking the headlamp clusters on the front of this Alfa Romeo was to a spider.

Alfa Romeo

Here is a picture of a spider by Stavros Markopoulos on flickr.


Links of the day

Public-transport prices: A fare price? | The Economist – London is the third most expensive city mentioned.

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iPhone & Nokia’s Troubles By The Numbers

Yahoo Brands Flickr; Users Retaliate – Yahoo! works hard to further destroy value in its organisation. Trying to reallign its business for the ‘waiting to die’ demographic outside New York and Silicon Valley

Vodafone’s press release around 360 their social service aggregator

Viralheat | Social media monitoring and analytics

Nick Law: “You insinuate your way in by giving them things they want and need.” – mediabistro.com: AgencySpy – an unsettling way to put good thinking around social media

Yahoo’s $100M Campaign: Too Much, Too Late? (via brandchannel)

Google News: your mileage may vary

A couple of weeks ago the most exciting thing going on was Nokia World. Its kind of taken on the same effect on gadget zeitgeist 3GSM or IFA have had for international audiences.  This is where you are likely to find out Nokia’s perspective on different technology developments, I was particularly interested in seeing their take on mobile TV, haptics and augmented reality – of which only augmented reality only got a significant mention. I was just clicking through Google News timeframes from 1 month to 1 day to see the latest news when I noticed that the article numbers didn’t make sense.

It could be logical for the 1 day coverage number to be less than the 1 week number and so on. It wasn’t so I checked all the time gaps:

Past month

 Over the past month, there was about 10,186 articles covering this subject.

Past week

Over the past week, the figure changes to approximately 9,974 articles.

Last day

The last day goes up to 10,214 articles.

Last hour

And the last hour was 10,326 articles which is quite frankly ridiculous.

This didn’t make that much difference to me in this case, but when monitoring a client campaign I would use this numbers to give me a sense of how an announcement is gaining traction through the online media landscape. Given the high quality of algorithmic search provided by Google its easy to take what we’re told for granted, so it’s good to realise that your mileage may vary.

Links of the day

Popgadget Personal Technology for Women: Bayer’s Contour USB Meter Empowers Patients – good bit of product design. Impressed by what OLED display technology can do now

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Dopplr Commits Hara-kiri, Sells to Nokia – Om Malik is surprisingly negative on the Dopplr acquisition

DNA/How to Stop Worrying and Learn to Love the Internet – great essay on the Internet that Douglas Adams wrote back in 1999, his thinking was surprisingly prescient

The idiot box | Free exchange | Economist.com

Windows Live, Razorfish Posted Big Losses For Microsoft Last Year | paidContent – bleeding like a stuck pig

Gadget Impact – Chart Porn

Smartphone or netbook?

Apple put the boot into the netbook during its launch of the new iPhone | iPod range in September. The implication is that netbooks are too big.

netbook vs smartphone comparison

However cellphones generally have input problems. The iPhone touchscreen is not as conducive to productivity as a proper keyboard to touch type on.

And so it goes round, which one do you think: smartphone or netbook?

I like: Stüssy x Xaime Hernandez

Jaime Hernandez (yes it is also spelt with an X) is the artist behind the famous comic series Love & Rockets which catalogued the lives of a mostly latina cast as teenagers involved in the American punk scene through to the present day. I liked the earlier issues which also interlaced a modicum of science fiction into the stories. The art is reminiscent of pop art.

Stussy x Xaime Hernandez

Given Shawn Stüssy‘s long association with music and California, it made sense that his original label Stüssy should reach out to Mr Hernandez to collaborate on t-shirt designs. Hernandez’ work moves well from paper to t-shirts. Its only a shame that Stüssy’s site still has mad hate for European customers.

Links of the day

YouTube – Social Media Revolution – great video in the similar vein to Shift Happens

PRX: huge, searchable library of public radio goodness – Boing Boing

Facebook and Nielsen Look for What Makes Consumers Tick | WebProNews

U.S. Leading the Global Mobile Data Boom

Business Insider Puts IPG on “Veering Toward Bankruptcy” List – mediabistro.com: AgencySpy

Under new management…yours | Yodel Anecdotal – not terribly impressed by this and its design shafts the Yahoo! brand the way the Y! bang is used on the ad artwork. More hail mary pass rather than reinvigorating a moribund brand

China market: Home-grown blue laser standard picking up momentum, reports say

Vodafone Readies ‘Vodafone 360’ Platform – But What Is It? | mocoNews – interesting idea

WPP’s Sorrell: We Can’t Fire People Fast Enough To Keep Up With The Collapse In Ads (WPPGY) – things will never be the same again

Yahoo Seeking Buyer For Zimbra? – Barrons.com – its like the 80s. But its Silicon Valley being asset stripped

Interbrand | Best Global Brands | 2009

Project ‘Gaydar’: An MIT experiment raises new questions about online privacy – The Boston Globe

PodSubmitter – bringing podcasting together!

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Only Five Percent Of Readers Would Pay For Online News | paidContent:UK

Ever wonder what the differences between Arial and Helvetica were?

A Twitter Analog to PageRank | The Noisy Channel

Since when did the Fred Flintstone look become stylish?

Since when did the Fred Flintstone look become stylish?

Cover from iLook, a Mandarin luxury goods magazine with a Beijing readership of 55,000 published by China Interactive Media Group. The magazine is aimed at Chinese women with a disposable income, educating their audience on the ins and outs of luxury goods.

The new racism

I was listening to a mix by Japanese DJ SoccerBoy when I came across this page on his site. It featured a section of the documentary film made about the traditional dolphin cull in a small village in Japan.


The text on the page reads:

“Whites don’t kill dolphins, Yellows do”


Are the likes of Greenpeace, PeTA and the World Wildlife Fund as guilty of racism as the 19th century missionaries who wanted to civilise the savages by bringing God’s word to them, or the entrepreneurs who sought to open the market for opium with cannon shot and muskets?

At the very least, it indicates that western pressure group’s confrontational ‘Two Minutes Hate‘ approach needs to be revisited and they need to search deep within their motivations to come up with a more empathetic and effective way of influencing their desired changes in behaviour because its leaving potential allies alienated in non-Western countries.