Frank Miller Gucci commercial is a nexus of high-fashion and geek culture

Frank Miller of 300 and Sin City fame has produced a commercial for Gucci. This will feature on MTV on September 12.

It is fantastic to watch, but it also a point of convergence between high fashion and geek culture. This has been going on for a while with people like hackette and fashion model Anina who pioneered lifestreaming. Hat-tip to PSFK.

The secret history of Silicon Valley

The story of Silicon Valley, that I have helped to perpetuate in my career as a PR professional is that of the classic plucky young start-up founders going from garage to boardroom. Dare I say it there is even a ‘start-up’ monomyth. Bright young things work really hard developing cool | amazing inventions in a spare room | garage. Their ideas inspire rich people or organisations to fund them and they become financially successful. The world is enriched by their innovation. The truth of course is somewhat postmodern in comparison, but that wouldn’t have paid my bills.

There are a number of histories of Silicon Valley, some include the beat and counterculture generations of the 1960s, others include square-jawed engineers who would look right at home on the set of Mad Men. This video of a talk at Google highlights the role of the military industrial complex in the growth of Silicon Valley.

Links of the day

William Gibson: I’m agnostic about technology. But I want a robotic penguin | The Observer – I love the phrase agnostic in relation to technology, its often how I feel

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Turn Your Head & Swipe: Doctors Love the iPad (Infographic)

The PurpleList expert network – reminscent of the first iteration of Google Answers, but with a tighter focus | specialism

Briefs: A Cocoa Touch Framework for Live Wireframes – this looks awesome, I hope that Apple oks it soon

Chicago House FM – Online Radio Station – I can’t believe I hadn’t found this sooner

Parks Associates – Caregivers and their concerns for chronically ill family members drive early market for home health monitoring services – big tech opportunity, particularly with the aging boomer population

Why Intel Is Buying Infineon | Fast Company – all about integration and mobile devices

Welcome NASA to the Commons « Flickr Blog – hell yeah!

More Sophisticated Rigs Drill Deeper Still for Oil – – but where are the facts?

For Arms Sales Suspect, Secrets Are Bargaining Chips – – continuing story of Viktor Bout

Hackers blind quantum cryptographers : Nature News – interesting use of lasers to grasp the key with no apparent trace

Japan calls for transparent labor rules in China › Japan Today – interesting dispute between Japan and China

HOW TO: Make Free iPhone Ringtones – right off to sort new ringtones for the phone

Apple App Store: 250,000 and counting – Apple 2.0 – Fortune Tech – but how many of them have most people tried?

Groklaw – A Bird’s Eye View of the HTC/Nokia/Apple Patent Litigations – Nokia spurs patent shitfest. Bottom line its going to take more than lawyers to appropriately reinvent Nokia

New Face of Iceland – Iceland’s social media efforts, look as if they have done it on a budget

Mormons ‘own’ Microsoft’s I’m a PC campaign

The LDS Church has been running some ad spots in trial markets across the US (and has also posted them to Youtube) which owe a creative debt to Microsoft’s I’m a PC campaign. But I have to admit that this video featuring motorcycle fanatic Jeff Decker for the Mormon’s campaign beats any of the I’m a PC spots hands down.

His sculptures and the vintage bikes in the video are underpinned by an awesome rockabilly soundtrack.

Innovation and Paul Allen

Doug Engelbart gave this famous demonstration of technologies in 1968, it still blows my mind watching it, you can see the future of modern computing right here. Contrast, Engelbart with Paul Allen. Allen co-founded Microsoft which went on to make him billions of dolars  from the ideas in this video, (as did Apple, Sun Microsystems, Silicon Graphics and the whole Linux economy).

Which makes Paul Allen’s current law suit against the computer industry seem petty, parasitic and grasping. There is a parallel between the Allen case and BT’s past claims over hyperlinks, at least some of Allen’s patents stand a good chance of being invalidated due to prior art.