I like: 2 Bad Mice

Whilst 2 Bad Mice are thought of as hardcore, I think of Hold It Down as my all-time favourite pop record – that is pop as perfectly formed music confectionery rather than raw popularity.

FACT magazine has a great article rehabilitating 2 Bad Mice for the Hoxton set, but I don’t care I love their sound anyway. Here is a mix that they originally pulled together for FACT.
FACT Mix 250 – 2 Bad Mice (May ’11) by factmag

Links of the day | 在网上找到

Counterfeiters: Foes or Friends? – counterfeiters act as market-makers for luxury brands

UK brands adapt on social media: News from Warc.com – interesting with Ash Choudhury about Nokia’s social media approach

Underpinnings of the Internet Shift – NYTimes.com – interesting the way governments are subverting the freedoms of citizens in developed countries. This is probably the most lasting legacy of Wikipedia, the wisdom of mobs and the lobbyists of the media industries who see UGC as akin to communism

MeeGo and Mango promise mobile web delights • The Register

New Media Knowledge – Informa Viewpoint on Ofcom’s research on mobile broadband – basically likely performance is a lottery

Gripe Harnesses Social Media for Consumer Complaints – NYTimes.com – interesting article which shows the challenges of making customer service scaleable

Zuckerberg: Privacy anxiety is fleeting | Digital Media – CNET News“We’ll roll it out, and pretty often there’ll be this backlash, and people will say, ok, we don’t like this new thing,” said Zuckerberg. “It’s I think a real anxiety. People were really afraid of more people being able to be involved in the social network.” A bit like the analogy of the boot stamping on the face of society in 1984, those people too got used to the new normal

Facebook Still Has No iPad App But They’re Building A Desktop Software Team?! – don’t necessarily agree with MG Seigler; for instance I put out most of tweets via the Mac Twitter client

Should Asia be concerned about the EU’s cookie ban? – Campaign Asia-Pacific – international ripple-through

The differences between branding in the west and in China | 品牌在中国

Really interesting presentation on why marketing and advertising is different between China and the west.

Why no one is quite like Mr Putin

Most professional politicians in the West are lawyers, trade union officials, civil servants, politicos or PR people by background. Vladimir Putin is a former intelligence officer and still known for being an action man, so it was only a matter of time before he got his own comic strip. Superputin is a fantastically drawn strip with tongue-in-cheek humour.
super putin
I personally think that this comic strip enhances Mr Putin’s reputation.

Quote of the day | 报价的一天

I was in the Architectural Association one lunch time looking at some of the exhibited work and this quote was on the stairwell as I headed to the bar area.
AA exhibition
The quote really resonated with me; relatively few of us have been so desperate or so lucky; that we have truly been tested. Something to think about when the wisdom of mobs kicks in.