I like: 2 Bad Mice

Whilst 2 Bad Mice are thought of as hardcore, I think of Hold It Down as my all-time favourite pop record – that is pop as perfectly formed music confectionery rather than raw popularity.

FACT magazine has a great article rehabilitating 2 Bad Mice for the Hoxton set, but I don’t care I love their sound anyway. Here is a mix that they originally pulled together for FACT.
FACT Mix 250 – 2 Bad Mice (May ’11) by factmag

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Counterfeiters: Foes or Friends? – counterfeiters act as market-makers for luxury brands

UK brands adapt on social media: News from Warc.com – interesting with Ash Choudhury about Nokia’s social media approach

Underpinnings of the Internet Shift – NYTimes.com – interesting the way governments are subverting the freedoms of citizens in developed countries. This is probably the most lasting legacy of Wikipedia, the wisdom of mobs and the lobbyists of the media industries who see UGC as akin to communism

MeeGo and Mango promise mobile web delights • The Register

New Media Knowledge – Informa Viewpoint on Ofcom’s research on mobile broadband – basically likely performance is a lottery

Gripe Harnesses Social Media for Consumer Complaints – NYTimes.com – interesting article which shows the challenges of making customer service scaleable

Zuckerberg: Privacy anxiety is fleeting | Digital Media – CNET News“We’ll roll it out, and pretty often there’ll be this backlash, and people will say, ok, we don’t like this new thing,” said Zuckerberg. “It’s I think a real anxiety. People were really afraid of more people being able to be involved in the social network.” A bit like the analogy of the boot stamping on the face of society in 1984, those people too got used to the new normal

Facebook Still Has No iPad App But They’re Building A Desktop Software Team?! – don’t necessarily agree with MG Seigler; for instance I put out most of tweets via the Mac Twitter client

Should Asia be concerned about the EU’s cookie ban? – Campaign Asia-Pacific – international ripple-through

The differences between branding in the west and in China | 品牌在中国

Really interesting presentation on why marketing and advertising is different between China and the west.

Why no one is quite like Mr Putin

Most professional politicians in the West are lawyers, trade union officials, civil servants, politicos or PR people by background. Vladimir Putin is a former intelligence officer and still known for being an action man, so it was only a matter of time before he got his own comic strip. Superputin is a fantastically drawn strip with tongue-in-cheek humour.
super putin
I personally think that this comic strip enhances Mr Putin’s reputation.

Quote of the day | 报价的一天

I was in the Architectural Association one lunch time looking at some of the exhibited work and this quote was on the stairwell as I headed to the bar area.
AA exhibition
The quote really resonated with me; relatively few of us have been so desperate or so lucky; that we have truly been tested. Something to think about when the wisdom of mobs kicks in.

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Google Adds Flight Schedules to Search | Search Engine Journal

Data Wrangler – this looks better than Google Refine, ideal for cleaning up data with surplus syntax

8 Essential Tricks For Publicists Using Facebook – interesting that URL shorteners have such a negative effect

Mobile Users Just Wanna Have Fun – mobile seems to be mostly about entertainment

Majority of Paid Apps on Android Downloaded Less than 100 Times – long tail or a bit crap?

The End Of The Social Network Era, The Rise Of The Social Circle Era

Facebook says ‘Like’ button must not be used for voting in promotions | The Wall Blog – further hobbles the usefulness of the Like button

20 Things I Learned About Browsers and the Web – really nice execution

American Employees Are Staying Put | Fast Company

Taiwan Internet-surfing penetration over 73% at end of January 2011

Why No One Will Be Using Google Wallet Yet

Communicating in the People’s Republic by Added Value – WPP

London’s BERG: Reinventing the Concept of a Product Tech News and Analysis

Hedge fund star calls for Microsoft’s Ballmer to go | Reuters – not entirely surprising

Consumer behaviour and the entertainment industry

Edelman have some great data points in this custom research. If I was an entertainment brand I would be concerned about the drop in perceived value of their product to consumers. It’s also no longer important to be on top of the latest entertainment as it comes out. It may be the economy, or it maybe a sustained consumer change; either way things will get messy as we get increasing legislation that the entertainment industry has lobbied for.

Secondly, social networks represent a return to the pre-mass media where people entertained themselves, their family and their friends. Social networks aren’t channels, they are the competition.

The way others see you

One of the least useful tools in many businesses now is the 360 appraisal. It doesn’t really tell you that much apart from if you are a douche bag or a mensch.

Being on Twitter for far longer than is healthy, I decided to use the titles of lists that featured on Twitter to shine a light into the dark corners using Wordle.
twitter lists JPG
So much for science, where are my runes and my fresh goats entrails.

Ross Perlin on internships

Ross Perlin on his recent book Intern Nation: How to Earn Nothing and Learn Little in the Brave New Economy. Internships have been controversial in agency life and have been portrayed as either an advantage of the middle and upper classes or as exploitation of the young. They are broadly designed to move people from school to work, which is I guess what my original apprenticeship did.

I missed doing an internship since I already had worked in industry as a line manager and was working part-time as a market research analyst at what was then the Halifax Building Society. Perlin links the culture of free from the internet (web email, etc) as part of a wider societal move making internships acceptable. Internships have become a commodity in themselves, yet they are still poorly understood.

The idea of intern hierarchies and the pressure to do more than one is quite bizarre. The first intern I worked with was in the oil industry who had taken time off from university because of ME and was an obsessive Michael Jackson fan. He missed out on hazing that the rest of us had as he was unpaid and so wasn’t seem to have skin in the game.

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Teaching English in Korea – A Westerner’s Guide to Korean Culture, Good Manners, and Approximately Correct Social Behavior


I, Cringely » Blog Archive » Steve Ballmer’s Nightmare

Creating a coherent social media strategy / we are social

Experian Hitwise – Experian Hitwise China launch and micro-blogging in China

US Intelligence Crunches Metaphors to Understand Foreign Language – Gizmodo – could pay dividends for sentiment analysis on social media

Over 24 Pending Lawsuits Involve Facebook Firings – and that’s just the US

It’s the One Media Device That Really Doesn’t Matter to Marketers – eReaders have had a steady uptake but low opportunities for marketers

Boreas – way cool technical designs of backpacks

Measuring the Net’s growth dividend – McKinsey Quarterly – expect to see this in slide decks for the next few years

Dry-All Saves Gadgets From a Watery Grave – Technabob – I still prefer rice in the airing cupboard

Yahoo ad that likens internet speed to driving fast is rapped by ASA – Campaign – does this mean that Bing is the Jeremy Clarkson of search engines?

Sony Ericsson poaches Nokia exec to head operations – Rethink Wireless – interesting move given Nokia’s expertise in supply chain management and distribution networks for mobile devices which historically gave them an unparalleled foot-print

At cross-purposes | SCMP.com – Chinese history shows that the Americans have misread the intentions of their ‘strategic rival’. Unfortunately, it has paved the way to a vicious cycle of mutual misunderstanding (pay wall)

SID] Sony Announces OLED Panel With Self-aligned Top-gate Oxide TFT – Tech-On! – OLED tech moving forwards slowly

Saatchi mobile marketer: Mobile web is better value than apps | TheMediaBriefing

International Luxury Brands In Crosshairs Of China’s Largest Private Company, Fosun « Jing Daily – interesting move

I, Cringely » Blog Archive » Netflix too big to fail? – interesting network usage data on video

Ten things that annoy in agency life

Shamelessly inspired by this post over at PR Moment:

  • People assuming that everything is as malleable and easy to change as a press release. Video, graphic design, social media programmes and website builds are some things that don’t do mission creep well and once you set them on a run you have to stay the course
  • People who bang on about either: why <insert marketing discipline here> should be in charge of social media, or ask who owns social media. It’s like asking who should be in charge of the telephones or the post-it notes. The more pertinent question would be how can I use social media to do a better job
  • People who say ‘I don’t have much budget, but could do payment by results‘ – so you can pay, but don’t want to. Don’t view marketing  as particularly important and will be a pain-in-the-ass client down the road: no thank you
  • People who wear rugby union shirts. In my book its just as chavvy as wearing a football shirt as leisurewear and there is a certain amount of northern snobbery in me that thinks if it isn’t league it isn’t rugby
  • People who say ‘oh you don’t drink, that must be terrible‘ – not really, I don’t really know what its like so I can’t really miss it. I also walk away from people who are drunk rather than sitting there like a gooseberry. And before you ask I won’t be your designated driver
  • People who always say business is going really well, even when it isn’t. Agencies can’t defy business cycles inevitably there will be peaks and troughs – be honest about it
  • Recruitment consultants who keep pushing PHP programmer CVs at me, even after I’ve asked them not to get in touch again
  • People who when asked who their audience was in terms of socio-economic data, demographics and psychographics answer ‘everyone‘. What you’ve actually told me is that: you don’t know what success looks like, you don’t know how to measure it and you are not really sure why someone is paying for this campaign
  • The compelling imperative for PR people in particular to ‘do something‘; taking a step back and thinking about something or doing nothing for a perfectly good reason doesn’t seem to register. It reminds me of a story I was once told about Americans negotiating with the North Vietnamese. When the US was extracting itself from the Vietnam conflict; they booked hotel rooms for 3 weeks duration, whereas their opponents booked six months. Other marketing disciplines get that breathing space and detachment from research, insights and planning before ‘doing something
  • Receiving business spam email. It’s generally poorly targeted. Also if you are writing to an email address with a .co.uk domain chances are that the recipient would like to receive the mail in English

Samsung building hype through eBay

I got an email from eBay promoting that it was selling 500 Samsung Galaxy tablets at a discount. It was an interesting tactic probably being used as part of a wider campaign to try and get a critical mass of tablets out there and hopefully build a bit of buzz in the face of Apple’s iPad.
Samsung galaxy eBay UK newsletter
At the end of the day, it’s just a pretender. Just in the same way that nothing can make up for having the wrong brand of shoes in the playground; the Galaxy is no iPad.

The Fast & The Furious: Hong Kong edition

Some dumb ass boy racer uploaded this footage without obscuring his friend’s number plate on a tricked out Subaru. Some nice footage of Hong Kong at night though.

I understand the attraction: great roads, boredom and mainstream culture flaunting the car as a way to freedom a la Initial-D, Bullitt and The Fast & The Furious – I pushed the poor excuse for vehicles I had hard when I lived up North. But damn, filming yourself, that’s worse than being a grass. It’s stupidity on an almost Darwinian-level.

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Intel pushes meego – The Inquirer

Mobile Insights from Google

If You Like Buttons, You’ll Hate The New Nook – AllThingsD

Music sales: Indie labels’ market share ‘57% higher online’ – Digital Knowledge Centre – maybe they should subsidise the major labels who aren’t doing so well? Quick someone take Ed Vaizey to Corfu and get him to have lunch with David Geffen (joke)

Top 50 online retailers in the UK (Digital Knowledge Centre – Digital Intelligence)

Experian Hitwise – Twitter accounts for 1 in every 184 UK Internet visits online

Taiwan: slowing down? | FT.com – exports anyway

Homegrown fashion icon tests gender boundaries – Baidu Beat – this so reminds me of the whole 80s new romantic thing

How Facebook Redefined The Community Manager

China’s economy: Flash! Ah-Ahh! | The Economist – 13 per cent growth in industrial production and 9 per cent growth in GDP

Microsoft appeals against EU antitrust fine | Reuters

Infographic: Apple App Store’s March To 500,000 Apps: Apple News, Tips and Reviews «

Facebook Ads’ Best Kept Secret: Occupation Targeting  – Search Engine Watch (#SEW)

Why two engineers left Apple to build a Flash alternative: The Hype (YC W11) story | The Startup Foundry

Dangerous Minds | ‘The Chemical Generation’ – Boy George’s documentary on British Rave Culture

Intel looks beyond Nokia for new MeeGo markets – Rethink Wireless

Updated: Privacy Judge Says The Law’s The Law, Regardless Of Twitter | paidContent:UK

Monocolumn – English-language newspaper gets design makeover [Monocle] – loving the new South China Morning Post look

The End of “Easy Oil”

New Data Provides Deeper Profile Of Typical E-Book ‘Power Buyer’ | mocoNews

Japan-based vendors to compete with international makers in overseas Android smartphone markets, say Taiwan makers

Masters of Media » Hong Kong versus Shenzhen

DOCOMO Demonstrates the Effectiveness of Mobile Spatial Statistics for Disaster-Prevention and Urban Planning | NTT DOCOMO Global

Migrant workers caught up in the web – interesting how technology is connecting migrant workers to families

Most Americans cut to pay for pain at pump – why we’re not out of the woods yet, nor will we be for a considerable time

Tesco Buys Social-Marketing Firm BzzAgent for $60 Million | Digital – Advertising Age – scary if they mash-up Clubcard data and social media

Google expands social search service globally – Campaign Asia-Pacific

Minor Controversy: Zuckerberg Wants Young Kids on Facebook – AllThingsD – legitimising the kids who already lie about their age

Here’s One Market Where The Nook Color Crushes The Kindle – interesting context piece about the Nook being better for electronic women’s magazines due to colour screen and size

Caterina Fake: How To Avoid The Pressure Of The Startup “Sophomore Slump” – once is lucky, twice is good

Jimmy Choo Sold to Labelux for About $800 Million – NYTimes.com – interesting that they went for a private rather than public sale

In Shift at Yahoo, Fewer New Products but More Refinements – NYTimes.com

Why Chinese Make Bad Managers | China Power – interesting article on cultural differences

Masters of Media » Anne Mangen on the Technologies and Haptics of Reading

Facebook Tells Pharma Brands They Must Allow Comments « ScienceRoll – looks like pharma may retreat from Facebook

China Real Estate. There Is No Bubble. : China Law Blog – most of it is driven by the massive structural change with urbanisation