Dublin Airport artifact from the knowledge economy circa 2004 | 爱尔兰机场和过时的软件

I would have thought that Dublin Airport Authority would have been enriched by the current situation in Ireland with expensive EU funded financial whizz-kids flying into the country to ‘help out’ and an exodus of young under-employed professionals leaving to make a life somewhere else. So I was surprised that the company had mobile assets that would have been current circa 2004/5. More here.
Dublin Airport
PocketPC (not even Windows Mobile) and PalmOS were supported – no Symbian (Series 60 and 90 devices would have been out at the time), let alone Android or iOS.

Sina.com weibo co-creation for iPhone application

Developing for iPhone limits ideas like A|B testing in refining the development process. Sina.com has taken an obvious, but interesting approach to development by having Weibo users vote on which UI concepts that they like, getting them involved as co-creators. More here.

Questions I have about Nokia

Nokia has been going through a period of transformation from the ‘burning platform’ memo to a Microsoft-powered future. The recently released their financial results where were widely covered and talked about over a million Windows Phone-based devices sold. There is some really good analysis of their numbers over at Asymco and the Communities Dominate Brands blogs.
City AM on Nokia's results
The mainstream media has been overly simplistic at best like this headline from City AM above; but what I didn’t see was answers around the following questions, which I have grouped around  three headers

Windows Phone devices

  • With Microsoft specifying so much of the hardware design on Windows Phone devices how much design does Nokia need?
  • How much will it cost Nokia to realign its hardware design business units?  What is the costs of getting rid of further workers in Europe likely to be? What does it see as the risks of outsourcing innovation to Microsoft?
  • What are the cost implications of getting rid of Nokia’s factories and associated design functions given the move towards Windows?
  • How will Nokia compete on scale | cost with the likes of Samsung?
  • From a consumer perspective, given that Microsoft Windows Phones are so similar, why buy Nokia over other manufacturers like Samsung, ZTE or HTC?
  • Will Nokia have a big enough business to support its industry-beating distribution network?
  • Nokia sold over a million devices, was this sales through the channel or ‘channel-stuffing’?
  • What was the cost per handset sold of its European advertising blitzkrieg in the run up to Christmas?
  • By comparison, in the markets were it was sold how did the Nokia N9 do? What was the cost per handset in terms of advertising support?
  • Why should a consumer buy a Nokia Lumia phone over a Samsung Galaxy  Android device?

Feature phones

  • What does the future technology roadmap look like for feature phones?
  • What about Meltemi Linux-based OS and the Smarterphone acquisition offerings?
  • Mediatek reference design-based phones have been suffering in the Chinese market, how will Nokia compete against a likely influx of these handsets at cheap prices across the developing world?
  • How will Nokia catch-up on dual SIM handsets compared to say Samsung (who seem to have stolen a march on dual SIM innovation)?
  • How will Nokia compete with Chinese rivals like Huawei and ZTE who have been making moves in the developed and developing world markets?

Nokia Siemens Networks and other things

  • What is going to happen with Nokia’s wireless network business?
  • What is Nokia doing with its patent sales to intellectual property companies?
  • What is the vision for online assets like Dopplr and the mapping business?


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The Times They Are a Changing…and These Apps They are A-Going – Yahoo! pulls support for a number of apps including Yahoo! Answers for Android and talks about a ‘mobile first’ strategy

VOLTA – Video on Demand – like Volta disappointed that you can’t do purchases on a Mac though

Japan losing its manufacturing edge to South Korea ‹ Japan Today – lacks conviction so isn’t taking the risks that Korea will

Fujitsu mobile phones boost diabetic support services ‹ Japan Today

Apple introduces us to the Wild World of Coded Magnets – Patently Apple – interestingly ferrofluids being used for haptic feedback on devices

Who Really Stopped SOPA, and Why? | TechFreedom

Sina Weibo to Face the Tencent Empire in 2012 | TechRice – will Tencent’s deeper pockets win out over Sina’s better product?

QQ Music: A Sweet Music Streaming Service with a Touch of Piracy | TechRice – intersting hybrid of streaming and downloading music

London department stores become the ‘Great Mall of China’|WantChinaTimes.com – each Chinese shopper on average spent 2,520 pounds (US$4,000) in Harrods

Cards face down: the abuse of prepaid cards in China|WantChinaTimes.com – same as everywhere else, scams and money laundering

Siri isn’t a bandwidth hog & users aren’t the problem — Tech News and Analysis

Copyright Industry Calls For Broad Search Engine Censorship | TorrentFreak

Has blogging queen Huffington really failed in the UK? | TheMediaBriefing

Serious Flaw Emerges In Quantum Cryptography – Technology Review – there goes William Gibson’s idea of a data haven

Jargon Watch: Showrooming

The Wall Street Journal defined showrooming:

that is, when shoppers come into a store to see a product in person, only to buy it from a rival online, frequently at a lower price

We’ve all done, particularly with a new clothes brand that I am not familiar with to get my sizing or scanned the barcode of a book with the Amazon mobile application. US department store Target are trying to get around this by getting vendors to provide them with products that are especially for Target customers.

More information

Target Sends Letter Vendors Asking for Help to Combat ‘Showrooming’ Comparison Shopping – WSJ.com


Apple versus consumer electronics user experience design

I have bought a couple of series on iTunes out of convenience and been comparing the experience with having DVD box sets. I didn’t miss the hokey menu designs for DVDs that provided a wide variance in user experience. By comparison iTunes doesn’t usually have a lot of the ‘extra’ content that’s on DVDs for instance the original pilot episode that comes with series one of Sherlock or the making of documentary for Blade Runner – whether that matters or not depends on consumer.

I use a Denon hybrid Blu-Ray | DVD player for DVDs and noticed that the player had pretty unobtrusive indicators that I had paused play or was shuttling through the recording. Compare this to the screen shot that I took from iTunes which has a grey belly band controller that obscures programme subtitles no matter how large I make the episode picture.
Outside the US, subtitles are a big issue, yet you lose the thead of the discussion because it takes a couple of seconds to fade out of view when you press play. It is just one example that show how Apple still has a lot of design nuances to learn from the consumer electronics firms that it is looking to disrupt.

I like: Oakley sunglasses chandelier | Oakley 太阳镜吊灯

Oakley has a giant store on the edge of Covent Garden. It has tricked out the store with some really interesting things like ejector seats from a Boeing B52 bomber:
Here’s the seats
Ejector seat
The thing that caught my attention was a chandelier made of Frogskin-like sunglasses, which was impressive in this scale and method of manufacture
Oakley store sculpture

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GE Study Proves Consumers Respond More to Shared Content – it would have been interesting to see the source of this data on Tac Anderson’s blog

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For Now Web Giants Don’t Sound the Alarm on EU Data Protection – AllThingsD

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Microsoft exec says Safe Harbor framework is ‘alive and well’ • The Register

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Write This Down: Note-Taking Strategies for Academic Success | The Art of Manliness

European Parliament Official In Charge Of ACTA Quits, And Denounces The ‘Masquerade’ Behind ACTA | Techdirt – I wonder whether this will get fought beyond the Polish protests

The Mercenary Techie Who Troubleshoots for Drug Dealers and Jealous Lovers – relying on pre-paid SIMs. This article reminded me of Neal Stephenson’s Reamde that I am reading at the moment

South Korea’s Live Park uses RFID and Kinect to bring your Holodeck fantasies one step nearer — Engadget

Polish MPs wear Guy Fawkes masks to protest ACTA – Boing Boing

Portuguese rights society presents lists of supporters for a digital media tax; composer says he never gave consent to be included on the list – Boing Boing

96% of Chinese officials are corrupt: Hu Deping|WantChinaTimes.com – how did he estimate such a precise number? Either he knows that’s the number, or as I suspect its just political trash talking. No doubt there are bad apples in the barrel just like everywhere else

Group-buying grew by 550% in China in 2011: Beijing Times|WantChinaTimes.com

Group loans give Shenzhen SMEs better access to capital|WantChinaTimes.com – interesting way of pseudo securitising business loans to reduce lender risk

Tsinghua report warns of ‘transformation trap’ for China|WantChinaTimes.com

Why Does the Next Xbox Need Discs At All? – broadbrand still not allowing online only business

Locals take Mainland fight to print | Market-interactive.com – Hong Kong | China beef is on like Donkey Kong more here

Weber Shandwick exec: Social media jobs are hard to fill | Articles

Fun with unicode domains | invalid.name

Communities Dominate Brands: How Many Lumia Sales? As Nokia (and Microsoft) ashamed to reveal number, lets count – and compare to N9 MeeGo sales – Nokia’s N9 rocked it like a pimp, Lumia devices were flaccid performers

Analysis: Asia may not be such easy pickings for Apple | Reuters

Techmeme has redesigned. Drudge Report is now indisputably the web’s ugliest news site – Techmeme News

Debate rages as Spotify, MOG, and Rdio kill / save the music industry | The Verge

Inside SAP’s Skunkworks as It Takes Aim at Oracle – WSJ.com – SAP’s HANA looks like an interesting take on database technology

Amazon’s Hit Man – Businessweek

Price competition | asymco – Apple shoots for psychological price points rather than engaging in peer-driven competition

Yahoo in Talks with Japan Partner on How to Sell Stake – WSJ.com

How the Microsoft search deal is reshaping Yahoo’s business, for better or worse – GeekWire – unsurprisingly it didn’t work out as well as they had hoped for

Inconvenient truths about fixing China – FT.com – really interesting analysis of China’s economy (paywall)

Emigration, return and their effects « Generation Emigration – social isolation and alcoholism, but greater earning power

Marketing, Social media planner, Hays Singapore, SINGAPORE, PEOPLE, People, Careers, | Market-interactive.com

Insane English copyright ruling creates ownership in the idea of a photo’s composition – Boing Boing

Chinese Shoppers Putting Premium On “Made In USA” Labels « Jing Daily

Time to play hard ball on tech manufacturing – EE Times propose some interesting solutions

Here’s Why Apple Won’t Reign-in Its Lawyers Anytime Soon… – SVW

InboundWriter online writing tool – I like looking at sites it pops up as potential comment targets as part of an SEO programme

The EU Is Ready To Sign Anti-Piracy ACTA Treaty

LVMH: daring to ditch the runway circus | FT.com – interesting move

Majority report: looking through the digital hype « BBH Labs – its the Bill Gates quote “technology doesn’t change things as much as you think in the short term, and we underestimate the rate of technological change in the long term

Juniper warns that Ultrabooks are half-baked for now | TechEye – probably indicates the perceived consumer value of OSX over Windows

Second-Hand Luxury Market On The Rise In China – Forbes

Hocked Luxury Watches Make The Good Times Roll At Beijing Pawnshops « Jing Daily

Report: Look For Second-Hand Luxury Boom In China This Year « Jing Daily

An interview with William Gibson | The Verge

Five for Friday | 五日(星期五)

I borrowed this meme from James Whatley, we’ll see if I can blog five positive things every Friday, this week has been easy to do:

  1. The week started off with a move to a new office as Ruder Finn decamped from above Jacobs Photography on New Oxford Street to above Austin Kaye on the Strand. With the move the office got a clean look that reminded me a bit of the Milk Bar in A Clockwork Orange. No ultra-violence has ensued yet, although discussions over referee decisions on table football have become quite heated
  2. This week was lunar new year which meant a trip to the Centrepoint Korean supermarket for frozen dumplings. It is really convenient and seems to be open past 10pm on week days
  3. The new location allowed me to get reacquainted with Wahaca which served up an idea venue for a business lunch today
  4. A toilet calamity with my trusty iPhone 3GS meant that I had to get a replacement. I am now bedding in an iPhone 4S after trying and failing to get hold of a cyan Nokia N9 –  I also looked at the Lumia range but couldn’t see any reason to buy a Nokia Windows Phone compared to the competition and the tiling user interface concept whilst interesting isn’t for everyone. The transfer process to the new phone has been trouble-free
  5. Media I have enjoyed this week includes City AM’s Forum section which has some high-quality thought-provoking content

Digital zeitgeist meter Techmeme gets a revamp

A Friday morning tradition at Ruder Finn is enjoying a fried breakfast, which gave me a bit of iPad time earlier in the day than usual.  So I surfed over to the Techmeme site to see what was getting people agitated in digital and technology this morning to be confronted by a redesign.


Gone is the traditional underlining of hyperlinks to be greeted by a much cleaner design. More from the publishers here.

Archived from blog posts I wrote for PR Week

Chinese social web eco-system infographic | 中国网络生态系统

In many ways the Chinese social web is richer than our own with a fiercely competitive marketplace and rapid innovation taking place amongst more evenly matched players. Social networks are stratified more along demographic lines which are in flux as developments occur. The brightest star at the moment is Sina’s Weibo service, but its not the only one.

Weibo has taken off in China in a similar way to Facebook, and has led Twitter in terms of rolling out innovations.
This infographic came from Sinatechblog.com.cn

The Mohawks interviewed by Mark Rae (Rae & Christian)

Having grown up on the golden era of hip-hop and having a love of breaks in general I knew The Mohawks, in particular their late sixties track The Champ as a break from the likes of Afrika Bambaataa, Big Daddy Kane, DJ Shadow and just about anybody who was of note during that time. Even jazz legend Miles Davis sampled it for Fantasy on the Doo Boop album.  It was up there with The Winstons Amen Brother, James Brown’s The Funky Drummer and Lynn Collins Think in terms of the impact it had on sampling.

What I didn’t realise at the time was that The Mohawks were a band of British session musicians. There are some interesting comments in the interview:

  • The musicians had made no money from the sampling of the tracks (I guess its likely that the record labels and publishing companies keep royalties received to themselves)
  • As session musicians, the tracks were created on an industrial scale going from session-to-session churning out recordings
  • The Champ was recorded in one take which is unusual for a studio recording
  • There is a nice circular reference in that The Champ references Otis Redding’s Tramp
  • Their discussion on how technological change has affected music creation over the past four decades

The video is on YouTube so may not be visible to all readers.

Links of the day | 在网上找到

A MYSTERY IN SUNNYVALE: Who The Heck Hired Scott Thompson?

G-Shock prototype phone hides its craggy looks at CES, only fears your stares – Engadget – there is something a bit 1990s sci-fi about this design that I really like

Apple CEO Tim Cook Touches On Kindle Fire, Android, Windows Phone | Fast Company – cannibalising low-end sales

How House Of Mikko Analyzes Women And Recommends Beauty Products | Fast Company

Chinatowns Decline As Asians Head to Suburbs | channelAPA.com

danah boyd | apophenia » How Parents Normalized Teen Password Sharing

Steve Jobs Had Grand Plans For iPhone Camera | WebProNews

Trust in Asia Pacific – Sixty Second View

Panasonic Develops Backup Power Supply Using Electric Double-layer Capacitor — Tech-On!

Yahoo In Context: It’s Declining While The Online Ad Market Keeps Growing | paidContent – its all that great work that Carole Bartz did

Deloitte study finds that Facebook has an overall economic impact of €2.6 billion in the UK – News Release | Deloitte UK – or please don’t crucify us for our privacy sins. Next The Sinaola Cartel and Acccenture demonstrate the economic benefit of the cocaine trade to Europe

China breaks 30-year tradition with Davos – FT.com – it’s stupid holding it this close to lunar new year

Plastic memory firm signs partners for printed systems

Epeus’ epigone: Google Plus admits they want fake names

A ‘window’ into the future with new interactive screens | JWT Intelligence

Rob Manuel » Blog Archive » In Praise of CDs – on digital artifacts

Felix Salmon: How Sharing Disrupts Media | Wired.com

RIMM: Wunderlich Drops Coverage; No Visibility – Barrons.com

I like: Julien Denoyer customised Moleskine cahler pads | 我喜欢的产品设计 Julien Denoyer customised Moleskine cahler pads

Madrid-based artist  Julien Denoyer customises thin Moleskine pads with client unfriendly slogans that ache being on a desk. You can get hold of these here.