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Hugo Boss and the fashion cycle vs reporting cycle | Material World

An Optimistic Case for the Euro by Martin Feldstein – Project Syndicate

Nokia claims it ‘resurrected’ the Windows Phone- The Inquirer

Windows 8 can’t pull developers – Submission process allegedly terrible | TechEye

Happy campers – Coleman Japan ‹ Japan Today: – interesting how camping supplies has shot up in Korea as workers no longer have to work on Saturdays

Two burning questions for ARM this week – interesting points around computing power per watt

Yoshida in China: NXP deals with ‘freeze mode’ – interesting downturn in demand

Apple – Press Info – Apple Announces Changes to Increase Collaboration Across Hardware, Software & Services – interesting moves, the ex-Dixon’s guy was no surprise ejection. Forstall was a bit more of a surprise: on one hand tipped for the top with a reputation for being a nasty piece of work, on the other scapegoated in the media for Apple iPhone missteps

Exclusive: Reynolds and Reynolds explores $5 billion LBO – sources | Reuters  – sources (Banks: Quattrone’s Qatalyst, Deutsche Bank)

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Chris Anderson on the Maker Movement: ‘We’re Going to Get Sued’ – The Atlantic

Microsoft’s Pivot – A Plan to Dominate “Devices and Services” – Adamalthus

Microsoft ‘kicks Huawei out’ of Windows Phone 8 global launch | ZDNet – WTF

Robots making inroads in the home, study finds – interesting delineated attitude to acceptance by task

Movement in interaction design | Hover States

FT digital subs pass 300,000, growing readership and revenue — paidContent – looks like subscriptions slowing

Panasonic set to ditch smartphones | T3 – a few things about this. Beyond the product launch did anyone see the Panasonic phones, you know in shops where they could buy them? What went wrong on the channel? Finally given that Sony and Panasonic’s success plans look similar: abandon brown goods, win through ‘convergence’, mobile (because that’s successful) and cameras – does this mean that Sony will have a similar burn?

The concept art behind the futuristic cities of ‘Cloud Atlas’ | The Verge – eye poppingly good

U.S. looks to replace human surveillance with computers (Declan McCullagh/CNET)

Oprah Time: Share This

The CIPR had been slow to get on-board with social media public relations. The government sidelined it during consultation on marketing regulation of social channels a couple of years ago in favour of the ASA and IAB.  In addition, there has been a widespread lack of knowledge within the industry that has provided hard to resolve over time.

Having worked in two agencies over the past six years, run train courses and done mentoring I’ve learned two things:

  • Digital knowledge is a minority sport even within savvy agencies
  • Ignorance can’t be profiled by whether someone is a digital native or digital immigrant. Some of the people that have most got it have been the over-50s, whilst that those in their 20s have rejected it as being too hard work

At a macro level, I thought digital was the ideal point of inflection to deal with the over-supply of PR agencies that currently plague the industry. Unfortunately digital just meant that every search, interactive, media buyer and advertising agency also began offering PR-like services (often called content strategy).

Within this context Share This is an interesting vignette of articles pulled together under the auspices of the CIPR to try and provide a blue print for the still largely analogue industry. And in this respect it largely succeeds providing a useful primer for the industry. Whether the industry makes good use of the books content is another subject entirely.

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Wall Street not impressed by iPad numbers | The Guardian

Bloomberg terminal growth slows to a crawl –

Apple’s no internal client syndrome – rant-dom

UrsaClemenger turns Raid into a bug-killing first-person shooter game – Campaign Asia-Pacific – I love this campaign idea

Microsoft browser choice: European Commission issues formal statement of objections over non-compliance

Facebook’s surge may be shortlived – Rethink Wireless

UK becoming a ‘nation of returners’, survey says – interesting patterns to replace instore purchases

Why The Ad Industry Is In A Talent Rut And A Prescription For Change | Co.Create: Creativity Culture Commerce

Chrome Web Store – Do Share – handy for Google Plus activity

Google+ and Social SEO: Squeezing the Social SEO value out of your Google+ account

Let’s hear it for the girls – a trend report on girlstyle

10 brands with great Google+ pages | Econsultancy

Employee advocacy through social media | Econsultancy

Gartner: 10 Critical Tech Trends For The Next Five Years – Forbes

Cindy Gallop tells adland: “Blow yourselves up and start again” – Brand Republic News

Inspiring and interesting this week – Rob Hinchcliffe – The personal blog of Rob Hinchcliffe

Strange game | Ars Technica – interesting analysis of Microsoft

Dr. Strangelaw or: How Portugal Learned to Stop Worrying and Love P2P | Kluwer Copyright Blog

Japanese Firm Announces ‘World’s Smallest’ 4k2k LCD Panel — Tech-On!

kibisi – Xtable – I want

LG reportedly working on Open webOS-powered smart TV | The Verge – interesting comments on Google’s conditions on smart TV software

The Hardware Renaissance | Paul Graham – so maybe the silicon needs to go back into Silicon Valley

How a Google Headhunter’s E-Mail Unraveled a Massive Net Security Hole |

BYOD for our own staff? That would be ’embarrassing’ – HP exec • The Channel – not terribly surprising

Starbucks Japan Unveils Posh Leather Cup Sleeves as Part of Charity Drive | RocketNews24 – love these Loewe Starbucks cups leather cuffs and they benefit victims of the Great Tohoku earthquake

Pharma Marketing Blog: Physicians Prefer Gated Social Media Communities

New Air Force Missile Turns Out Lights With Raytheon Microwave Tech

Ofcom Report Shows More Kids Than Ever Before Online Using Mobile Devices

Why Microsoft’s Surface will be no-show in Japan

Silicon Valley residents more upbeat about economy – – increasing confidence

BBC News – Pages from Ceefax: Into the archives – nice slideshow of Ceefax. The criticism that the digital service equivalent has received has been interesting and instructive in terms of UX design

RSA 2012: US Lobbying Hard To Alter EU Data Protection Law | TechWeekEurope UK – US doesn’t like EU’s tough privacy laws

Five for Friday | 五日(星期五)

Things that have made my day this week:

Dunhill have been creating interesting content for a number of years, that used to be accessed through an iPad application and their own site. This interview with Jamie Hewlett of Tank Girl and Gorillaz fame is brilliant

Help for Heroes had some fantastically made laser cut perspex life-size sculptures in Trafalgar Square
The Hospital Club managed to turn the mundane safety notices in a lift into something more entertaining.

On Wednesday I went to the Eley Kishimoto exhibition at The Aram Gallery called Living With Patterns.
At The Aram Gallery
It was interesting to see how the fashion, fabric and soft furnishings patterns affected different objects surfaces.

Finally, I found Muzik Magazine online this week. Someone, presumably not IPC Media has created PDF copies of each issue and put them online to download. It’s a real labour of love by whoever did it. I was introduced to Muzik by my partner in crime Griff. I had gone to college and he was working at Iceland and spinning the odd record or two.

I came back for the summer and he raved about this magazine that was more expansive than DJ magazine (my personal favourite for its trainspotter-esque coverage of releases) but with more depth than Mixmag.

I eventually got to go to the Muzik magazine awards with my friend Julie who worked for one of the event sponsors.

It is also slightly depressing to note, as the site reminded me that Muzik has been out of print for just over nine years.

The Jamie Hewlett video is on YouTube, so may not be available to all readers.

I like: Rocket Fuel instant coffee

I was dubious when I first saw Rocket Fuel with a packaging and copywriting that brought me back to the early 1990s.

First a velvet rush  like no other of caffeine rich smoothness, then a sustained hit of all natural Guarana

I presume this is to try and tap into a mind hack caffiene culture like they have in the US where Jolt cola and Penguin caffeineated mints are sold. In essence, it is caffeine in two forms: coffee beans and guarana. I presume that one is a faster release than the other so you get more bang for your buck. So what’s it like?

Firstly, whilst the flavour isn’t amazing, it compares favourably with the likes of Nescafé Original or Maxwell House.

Secondly, the caffeine up seems to last appreciably longer than when I usually drink instant coffee. You can get your fix via Amazon.
Rocket Fuel

Task one: I need your help*

There are a number of exciting things happening in digital at Ruder Finn in London, which I will talk about in more detail in the future.
However to make all these exciting things come to fruition we first need to find excellent* people. Specifically a junior, numerate analytical person in the first instance, and a project manager with social skills.

Drop me an email, letting me know if either of the following job descriptions sound of interest to you or if you have any questions. Unfortunately, we’re not allowed to use agencies.

A bit about Ruder Finn Group

Ruder Finn is a leading independent communications agency with more than 65 years experience with offices across North America, Europe and Asia. The company employs over 400 people focused on consumer, health, corporate, technology and lifestyle communications.

Digital activity is supported through the in-house digital agency RFI Studios and a team of affiliated developers in the UK

The London office has had a small digital strategy team for the past few years and is now expanding to support new blue chip brands and growing opportunities for design and build locally.

We are part of a global team that creates a wide range of programme elements for clients including:

  • Digital strategy
  • Campaign data and insights
  • Digital experiential activity
  • Social media engagement and management
  • Social platform applications
  • Web sites for mobile and desktop devices
  • Video content
  • Mobile applications
  • Online and social advertising
  • Monitoring
  • Measurement and analysis

Job specification: junior digital analyst

Full time | London-based

About the role
Ruder Finn looks to discover insights about audiences and use this process to drive the creative thinking behind our online and offline activity on behalf of clients. With this in mind, the role of junior digital executive is a key part in this process.

You will use your expertise across a range of free and paid tools to provide consumer / end user insight to help drive idea creation and programme planning by account teams servicing clients in the consumer, healthcare, media and technology sectors.

Whilst these programmes are being implemented your skills will help in evaluating programme success and provide counsel where there needs to be further optimisation of tactics to deliver results.

As an accomplished social media executive, you will understand the mechanics of each platform and how to conduct basic community management tasks and social media campaign monitoring. You will also understand the basics of design and development and how visual assets are important in driving a message and story to social audiences.

The role will be based in central London and will involve some domestic and international travel. Ruder Finn will not pay relocation expenses for this role.

Essential traits, skills and experience

  • Allowed to work in the UK: as an EU citizen or already in possession of the appropriate work visa
  • Good sense of humour
  • Ability to work under pressure without morphing into Mariah Carey
  • Experience and ability to work in an agency environment
  • Experience working on international teams and handling clients from different cultures
  • Ability to hold your own with strong personalities
  • Numerate (a non-communications industry-related degree is fine)
  • Analytical
  • Curious
  • Ability to communicate effectively in writing
  • Ability to communicate data and concepts effectively to senior non-numerate people
  • Familiarity with social media and online platforms
  • Familiarity with free online tools
  • Understanding of design and development basics
  • Expertise in using Google Analytics, Facebook Insights etc.
  • Experience with Sysomos MAP or similar (Crimson Hexagon, Radian 6)
  • Expertise with Microsoft Office for the Mac and OSX

Preferable traits, skills and experience

  • Own established social media presence
  • Experience with SPSS
  • Facebook Advertising Platform
  • Experience with Hitwise or similar (ComScore, NNR)
  • Marketing research experience
  • Questionnaire design
  • Use of online survey platforms
  • Focus group facilitation
  • Business development skills

The more senior role: digital communications manager

Job Description

Ruder Finn looks to solve communications problems for clients by choosing the right platform and the right content to effectively address a consumer or expert audience.

With this in mind, project management skills have a key role to play ensuring complex programme elements are delivered on time, within budget and to an acceptable standard.

As a proven social media strategist and community manager, you will use your skills, from the initial new business pitch to the client right the way through to programme implementation. You will work closely with our head of strategy and innovation, technology partners and account teams servicing clients in the consumer, healthcare, media and technology sectors. Outside of comms, you will have a strong understanding of how to develop, cost and manage a project spanning comms, design and development.

The role will be based in central London or Cornwall and is open to candidates who have a preference for either location. Relocation expenses will not be paid for this role. Some domestic and international travel may be involved on occasion.

YOU MUST be allowed to work in the UK: as an EU citizen or already in possession of the appropriate work visa

You will be working as part of a mixed physical and virtual team and you will have a minimum of 1 direct report.

Essential skills and experience

  • Good sense of humour
  • Pragmatic
  • An understanding of how public relations works
  • Knowledge about using free and paid for data and insights tools (Radian 6, Brandwatch, Sysomos, Google Analytics, Google Ad Planner etc)
  • Ability to work under pressure without turning into Mariah Carey
  • Experience and ability to work in an agency environment
  • Ability to hold your own with strong personalities
  • Experience working on international teams and dealing with clients from different cultural backgrounds
  • Curiosity and the ability to fully interrogate a brief / think differently
  • A clear understanding of the importance of context in a social media campaign
  • Ability to devise and manage campaigns that run across multiple platforms
  • Strong project management skills
  • Proven understanding of measurement and evaluation techniques
  • Ability to provide counsel to account teams
  • Expertise with OmniPlan, Microsoft Office for the Mac and OSX
  • Experience in online and offline media planning
  • Experience in managing campaigns on Forums, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and similar
  • Experience of using multimedia in campaigns
  • Understanding of design concepts and terminology
  • High level blogger relations skills and demonstrable contacts within the blogger community (particularly for parents and tech bloggers)
  • A strong personal social media profile
  • Well connected in the London digital industry
  • A demonstrable portfolio of campaigns you’ve managed online across different platforms
  • An understanding of SEO and PPC
  • Strong and confident presenter

Desired Skills

  • Experience in producing videos or cinematic content
  • Experience in online and offline media planning
  • PRINCE2 certified
  • Experience setting up systems to support projects run according to the PRINCE2 methodology
  • Experience of social campaigns in regulated industries a real bonus (Finance, Pharmaceuticals etc.)

Picture courtesy of Iain Tait’s Crackunit2 blog.

The Onion’s take on the U.S. presidential candidates

The Onion turned its sharp wit on Mitt Romney and Barack Obama with two candidate profile videos.

The Romney video

The Obama video

Both videos are on YouTube so may not be available to all readers.

Links of the day | 在网上找到

RIM takes BlackBerry 10 on the road to woo corporate clients | TotalTelecom

Turkcell heading to US to show off mobile wallet service | TotalTelecom

MIT creates hydrophobic material that could revolutionize fossil fuel and nuclear power plants | ExtremeTech

Microsoft’s Plan to Bring About the Era of Gesture Control – Technology Review – Kinect developer support. Lots of niche applications

4-in-10 Adults Use Social Networking to Engage in Political or Civil Activities – Pew Research Center

Bloomberg Has Tough Criticism for Obama and Romney – – raise taxes, cut costs to sort out deficit and be more progressive on social issues

Life on a Budget and How the Salarymen and Women of Japan Make Ends Meet | RocketNews24

Infographic Embed Code Generator – brilliant for PRs

Rebalancing China: China’s consumer-led growth | The Economist – growth driven by Chinese consumers rather than inbound investment

Dapper Dan of Harlem | Official Blog – the original Dapper Dan who made blinged out hip hop and hustler clothing with the finished fabrics, finishes and fake designer trimmings from Korea

Google Weighs Mobile-Patent Antitrust Settlement – – interesting, is this Google or Motorola Mobility related?

Facebook: We Weren’t Moving Fast Enough in Mobile – AllThingsD – I don’t think many people have it right

MediaPost Publications Macy’s Involves Marilyn To Woo Gen Y 10/22/2012 – authenticity from nostalgia

Revisiting The Bullish Case For McDonald’s – Seeking Alpha – Europe business doing surprisingly well

Women Use Monitoring Program To Track Their Spouses’ Facebook Activity – AllFacebook – and they wonder why many men won’t commit

1080p smartphones: Dr. Raymond Soneira breaks down display myth

South Africa: BITs in pieces | beyondbrics – a sell and divestment signal on South African exposed equities, bonds etc

Bechtolsheim brainstorms on next networking wave

iCloud: Sharing done wrong | Macworld – iDisk was far better. Apple jumped the shark on its cloud services

Apple removes Java from all OS X Web browsers | Ars Technica

Yahoo to exit South Korea in first Asian pullout | Reuters

Sony closes Japan factory, cuts 2,000 jobs | ZDNet – it’s like a Greek tragedy

Communities Dominate Brands: Nokia Q3 Results.. What can I say, we knew it would be misery all around

RIM broadens BB10’s appeal with Car 2 – Rethink Wireless

Apple acquires HTML5 design house – Rethink Wireless

Hands on with Apple’s Lightning to 30-pin Adapters | Macworld – some good workarounds

China: where’s our Gangnam style? | beyondbrics

UK worst in Europe for superfast FTTH broadband – Operators still focusing on FTTC upgrades | TechEye

Great internet resources from CIC – great resources on the Chinese web

Music Consumption – Listening to CDs is more popular than listening to the radio or to digital downloads

MIT applies ‘invisibility’ to electronics

‘The Cartel’ Are Britain’s Biggest Drug Gang | VICE

I Survived an Assassination Hit on a Real IRA Leader | VICE – I didn’t realise that Ireland had turned into that much of a battleground

Five for Friday | 五日(星期五)

A bit later than usual this week, here are the five things that made my day this week.

Research in Motion has been between a rock and a hard place with no new devices and a slow progression time to launch the QNX-based BB10 smartphone operating system. It was interesting to see them still trying with their marketing, like this fashion campaign in Singapore:

Petrolicious have made a fantastic film of the Targa California, a homage to to the Targa Florio in Italy. Some of the roads in central California do look a bit like northern Italy rather than the mountains of Sicily of the original race.

Storage experts The Hill Company sell reasonably-priced plastic crates and even cheaper pre-used crates on eBay. Lovely people, they even deliver to your door. Worthwhile checking out for secure storage or moving.

Women’s sanitary towel brand Bodyform, did a response to a sarcastic Facebook post which sent up their own marketing campaigns. It had a great deal of material to work with as the adverts have been lampooned by comedians since the 1980s.

Finally, my colleague Josie in our healthcare team at Ruder Finn launched some research that we had done about mobile health, some of which was highlighted in an infographic. Full details of the report can be obtained at an event happening on November 27, 2012 drop an email to get an invite.
Ruder Finn mHealth research infographic
The videos are hosted on Vimeo and Youtube, so may not available to all readers.

Links of the day | 在网上找到

Textbook Publisher Pearson Takes Down 1.5 Million Teacher And Student Blogs With A Single DMCA Notice | Techdirt

It’s Official: SoftBank Links Up With Sprint in $20 Billion Deal – AllThingsD – what does all this mean for Clearwire?

Ermenegildo Zegna expects a bumpy ride – – growth declining from 20-30 per cent back to 10 per cent

Apple: Take The Money And Run (Part 2) – Seeking Alpha – has Apple reached it’s maximum possible value

Immigrant Entrepreneurship Has Stalled for the First Time in Decades, Kauffman Foundation Study Shows – entrepreneurship more attractive in home countries

“Suicide Prices” (& the Coming Crisis) at Big Law Firms | The Big Picture – fees got so expensive it encourage innovation in legal process outsourcing, moving work abroad to the likes of India

Jeremah Owyang on scaling social media marketing | business activities

Not new to those of use that follow Jeremiah Owyang, but the problem of scaling within a social business context is one that he keeps coming back to. Here is the slides that he shared at Dreamforce – a event.

The slides are on Slideshare so may not be visible to all readers.

I like: Rob Paine at PEX Summer Festival 2012

Worship Records Rob Paine put this mix together earlier this year. I like the way he managed to make a diverse sounding set. (The mix is on mix cloud and plays in Flash so may not work for all readers, particularly those not on a desktop computer).

Seth Godin on media

I am not a fan of Seth Godin (but I respect some of the work that he did at Yoyodyne, prior to the Yahoo! acquisition you have gamification almost two decades before it became trendy).

This interview touches on interesting aspects of media:

  • His love of books, as artifacts connected to ideas rather than containers of ideas. His comments about the difficulty finding ideas on his hard drive as the opposite side of the coin was interesting
  • The idea of social media updates like tweets and Facebook posts being impermanent in comparison to books and blogs

The video is on YouTube, so may not be available to all readers.