Five for Friday | 五日(星期五)

Things that have made my day this week:

This great interview / video by IDEO of veteran mechanical engineer and industrial designer Jim Yurchenco

Yurchenco worked on the design of the original Apple mouse, in the video he discusses his approach to design. It is also great to see him actually using real tools, rather than just tapping away at a work station. Yurchenco was retiring last week and leaves IDEO with some 80 patents to his name. Alongside the original Apple mouse Yurchenco also worked on the Palm V, in his own words:

That was a really important product for us, and the industry, Yurchenco says. “It was one of the first cases where the physical design—the feel and touch points—were considered to be as important as the performance

You can read more on Yurchenco’s work here. did a great job of collating the user interface (UI) designs done by Territory Studios for Guardians Of The Galaxy.

In the same way that Star Trek, Ghost In The Shell and Star Wars have influenced engineers, who is to say that Territory’s work won’t be the creative DNA of new interfaces in the future?

In the earlier days of the web, interactive content had a distinctly trippy feel, from site design to ‘Mind’s Eye’ videos and The Shamen’s generative screen saver.  Japanese group BRDG (Bridge) have gone back to that psychedelic feel with this brilliant discordant video:

Twitter cards are something that is interesting me at work at the moment and I was particularly taken by this interactive one from Acura – the upmarket brand of Honda.

Pizza Hut Japan, have managed come up with marketing gold by creating an interactive YouTube series based around the grand opening of a pizza restaurant run by cats. I am just surprised that Jonathan Hopkins and Nando’s hadn’t done it much earlier…

Links of the day | 在网上找到

US: NSA leaks should be no excuse for local storage mandates, which harm “organic” internet – this is a tacit recognition that the US intelligence community have damaged US technology businesses

THE PROGRAMMATIC ADVERTISING REPORT: Real-Time Bidding Is Taking Over The Digital Ad Market – paywall

New Culture, WPP, Leo Group rank top in APAC acquisitions – Campaign Asia – interesting thing is how Chinese groups LEO and BlueFocus are bulking up particularly in APAC to challenge the WPPs of this world (paywall)

The CHIP Method – community management methodology

What Happens to Electronics Companies once their Core Products Mature? – Euromonitor International – (video)

cross-device trends roundup – eMarketer August 2014 report

Uber’s Marketing Program to Recruit Drivers: Operation SLOG | Uber Blog – sociopathy in action

An end to men selling sanitary pads? China’s celebrities may soon have to try products they endorse | South China Morning Post – brilliant! May spur creative move beyond celebrities

Adroll – Facebook retargeting by the numbers – (PDF)

Vine blog – New Vine camera: Shoot, import, edit and share — fast – being able to import pre-existing videos is much better for marketers

Jargon watch: nearable

Back in the day shops and businesses where digitised using RFID tags that covered everything from lose prevention in shops and libraries (shop lifting to you and I) to providing payment systems like the Octopus and Oystercard. RFID tags were passive devices with a small amount of information on them; electromagnetic waves from a reader ‘powered’ them allowing the data to be read.
My Oyster card for LDN & my Octopus card for HKG
Estimote’s product takes the RFID tag and asks what could be done if the tag became active, self-powered. It is compliant with Apple’s iBeacon standard using low-powered Bluetooth radio transmissions to interact with a smartphone. Estimate defines the nearable as:

… a smart, connected object that broadcasts data about its location, motion and temperature.

The information that it can provide can be dynamic, based on simple sensors included in the electronics package. At the moment nearable stickers cost some $33/unit and a default battery life for three years.

More information
Nearables are here, introducing Estimote stickers | Estimote Blog

Links of the day | 在网上找到

Anti-Piracy Lawyer Wants Domain Registrars to Silence Critics – interesting method / approach to the takedown

Android Fragmentation Report August 2014 – OpenSignal – looking at this gives an idea of the kind of challenges devs face

WPP shares rise as profits come in ahead of forecast | City A.M. – as usual Sorrell’s business forecasts are more interesting than the results.

The fashion case for mobile phone covers – FT.comKeely Warwick, contemporary accessories buyer at Selfridges, which has increased its investment in phone and tablet cases by 30 per cent for autumn/winter 2014, says tech accessories are one of the store’s “most rapidly expanding categories” – are cellphone cases the new affordable luxury alongside make up and perfume? Back when I worked on the Palm V there was also luxury cases back then: Jean-Paul Gaultier, Mulberry, Coach et al (paywall)

The Rise and Fall and Rise of Virtual Reality (The Verge) – this feels more like a Wired magazine piece than a Verge piece, interesting nonetheless

Behind Bold Designs, A Thin Skin: Zaha Hadid Sues Publisher For Defamation | Co.Design – this could be the architectural PR home goal equivalent of the McLibel trial

The story behind the shrinking ranks of Goldman partners – Quartz – shrinking partners as it tries to cut its cloth to suit the new size of banking

Kay Tye, Maryam Shanechi, and Other Pioneering Young Technologists | MIT Technology Review – its a shame that there isn’t great industrial designers in the group, but some great technologies

Facebook Assault on Google’s DoubleClick Coming This Fall – The Information – (paywall)

The weather didn’t do Notting Hill Carnival justice…

But this mix from Norman Cook (Fat Boy Slim) from the beginning of the month at Cafe Mambo in Ibiza may partly make up for the rain gods.