Think your week is bad?

Reading Time: < 1 minute Spare a thought for the ‘performers’ in the adult entertainment industry. According to the Sydney Morning Herald and Reuters, two of the industry’s stars have been found to be HIV+; the first since 1999. Although the mainstream American porn industry has a rigorous testing regime orchestrated by the AIM Foundation where 1,200 stars get tested… Continue reading Think your week is bad?

Blind man’s tap dance/slice-and-dice epic and other fun stuff

Reading Time: 2 minutes I went to see Zatoichi over the weekend. It is a modern Japanese interpretation of a a series within the Japanese Chambara tradition of films. Zatoichi is similar to the ‘One Armed Swordsman’ of Hong Kong cinema or Django in the spaghetti western genre. The new version of Zatoichi is much more than an action… Continue reading Blind man’s tap dance/slice-and-dice epic and other fun stuff

Leiderhosen Review – indepth special

Reading Time: 2 minutes Actually, the title was total fiction: there is no leiderhosen related content here and I will not be putting any up in the future. I was inspired to write the title after having received a mail from a former colleague of mine – Jacqui. And no I won’t write about Dunlop Greenflash trainers (running shoes… Continue reading Leiderhosen Review – indepth special