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TabletPC yet again

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CurrentAnalysis, an industry analyst house that I have some respect for have a very nice top line piece on the TabletPC a couple of weeks ago. The key highlights are that a TabletPC is going nowhere without:

– A stronger retail presence

– A keyboard (what they call a convertible: a laptop were the screen swivels round to become a TabletPC)

– Adoption by the likes of Dell, IBM and AppleThey dont make any mention of:

– substitute products like PDAs, smartphones and Anoto pens

– the fact that the complex packaging and screen hinge will keep the product relatively expensive compared to laptops

– the compelling reason why it would get widespread adoption, especially when more and more people can type faster than writing

– why on earth Apple would want to make one?

Using a TabletPC is kind of like living with your family, it seems like a good idea at the time, but proves a lot harder after you have got used to other arrangements.

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Digital Divide

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A number of years ago in college, I wrote an essay about the role of technology exclusion in society. This internetworking thing was only really starting to get going and we had just changed over the web browsers at the college from Mosiac to Netscape, I used to surf the web in 16 shades of grey available on my battered PowerBook 165, when I jacked into the JANET network. Why am I rambling about a geriatric computer and the ‘net before Google? Well, I used the web to research my essay and came across an article on the Washington Post about the ‘cash ghetto’, increasingly if you had to deal in cash you were on the margins of society. An article in the Arizona Daily Star, which my RSS feed aggregator picked up talked about the pervasive nature of Visa and MasterCard where cash was once king reminded me of the college essay. Interesting reading check it out.

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Feature Creep

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First of a regular column by Gizmodo features ebooks and why they have failed to fulfil their potential. Hopefully they will cover Tablet PCs next.