Shaolin Coke

Great advert in Quicktime ‘Pepsi Can Fu’

Net Changes

Netimperative, the UK news site focusing on electronic commerce and media has finally given up its pay to view model. You can visit the site here

Next of Kin

Years ago, Liam Neeson and Patrick Swayze were in a film called Next of Kin. The plot of the film was something like this: There was a family who lived in Appalachia, a mountainous region that includes part of Kentucky (as well as Tennessee, the Carolinas, western Virginia, West Virginia, central Pennsylvania and south western […]

Digital media — knowing your rights

Below if a very useful consumer guide to DRM was published online by the Baltimore Sun (link to the article here), presumably syndicated from the Wall Street Journal.

American Nightmare

Or why US economic policies are wrong and the European model is better The San Diego Union Tribune carried an article on how more Americans than ever are living below the poverty line and lacking health insurance, despite improvements economic growth indicators such as gross domestic product (GDP). What job growth had been occuring had […]