Around the web

Thanks to Stephen for two election related links, Channel 4 news online features alternative political party adverts made by a creative team at a London advertising agency. Makes for more interesting viewing than the actual party political broadcasts. The Unincredibles is a flash animation that encapsulates political satire with voter apathy in a homage to […]

Living with Tiger

Walter Mossberg, the Wall Street Journal’s famous tech journalist and Apple advocate gave Tiger a positive review below. I haven’t lived with it enough yet to make too much of a call on it. I installed my copy last night whilst I was asleep and it seems stable so far. The already slick interface fo […]

Something fishy

The picture is the last in a series of image that I took at the recent Red Bull Art of Can event recently at The Truman Brewery. Talking all things fishy, Spin Bunny, the UK PR industry blog has risen from the dead following a recent run in with an unnamed UKPR agency’s legal team.

Dude, that Mary Jane’s email is the chronic

hp’s UK PR machine got a survey done with TNS, the most publicised part of the story was that email damages ones IQ more than using marijuana. I guess they don’t want to sell more iPaq’s, laptops and ProLiant servers then? More details at CNN online. Dude that PowerPoint attachment you sent me left me […]

Its all gone Damien Hirst

Copying as the greatest form of flattery or “Great artists steal” as Picasso said. There is no doubt about the influence of Damien Hirst on this Red Bull Art of Can entry.