Jargon Watch X-Internet

– The executable internet according to Forrester Research CEO George Colony. Why call a hyped-up trend by its existing name when you can call it something different?Roughly speaking X-Internet is Web 2.0; George is particularly interested in the way that it can be applied to enterprise applications and hypothesises in his think piece My view: […]

Halloween at DPMHI

The DPMHI shop in Great Pultney Street had a violence strewn mural on the back wall for Halloween. In stark black and white like Pacino’s Scarface meets Raymond Chandler, it featured suited assassins descending from the skylights and gun club targets at eye-level.

Crossing Swords

I’ve contributed an article about Palm’s investment in Europe over at Palm Addicts. In the news this week Palm announced that it was opening a new development centre in Swords County Dublin (you can read about it here at the Palm Addicts blog), what does it mean for European Palm users?What is surprising is that […]


Burro, the designers famous for the “Non alla violenza’ t-shirts during the 1990 FIFA world cup and customising classic Sergio Tacchini tracksuit tops are closing their store in Covent Garden. According to the shop assistant, they will continue to provide clothes to other outlets like Urban Outfitters but were not going to have their own […]

Trick or Treat!

Corporate Halloween shenanigans at Burger King and Wal-Mart. In what can be loosely described as an integrated marketing campaign Burger King is selling masks of two of its spokespeople. The chicken is from the sub man in a chicken suit site that spread virally what seems like a few years ago apparently to promote the […]