The Knowledge Economy and Tax Breaks

It used to be that tax breaks were used to encourage foreign investment and so help job creation. According to the various anti-globalisation tracts like No Logo, it is used by manufacturing companies such as Ford and Nike to transfer the social cost of manufacturing on to a country whilst little to enrich their employees. […]

Maharishi Sale

Maharishi Sale Originally uploaded by renaissancechambara. Expensive streetwear brand Maharishi have a sale in Brick Lane next week.

Scuttling the Pirate Ship

I have just come back from a dinner with some former colleagues to celebrate the end of an era. One of the former agencies that I worked at is winding up at the end of the month. We took the time to remember clients, work done and the small dramas that made up our time […]

3Com gets nostalgic for the old days

 I had the pleasure of cutting my teeth on 3Com when I moved career to PR in the late 1990s. I remember how it rebranded with the rings logo (that I still don’t get) and shed parts of its business like a serpent shedding its skin.I worked on Palm and CommWorks to name but two […]

Miscellaneous modern culture artifacts

Recycling the past seems to be the big news in dance music at the moment. A series of Todd Terry classics have been re-released, my recommendation is the remix of The Texican on the flipside of Orange Lemon’s Dreams of Santa Ana. E2 E4 by Manuel Goettsching was a 60 minute piece of modern composition […]