Tech tales

A couple of interesting artifacts that I found online and wanted to share with y’all.First up, video conferencing, why is it so crap and what are you going to do about it? Ok, we’ve had video online, we’re now living in an age of pretty much ubiquitous broadband, why do we stop with using our […]

Jargon Watch: Pokemonetize

Pokemonetize – To make money by appealling to the stupid human instinct to collect dumb things. Developed by Simon Willison in the bowels of our office in London and eagerly catalogued by prankster and tech strategist Tom Coates. The scary thing is that its a really articulate mission statement for any web 2.0 enterprise that […]

PR masterclass

This special installment of PR masterclass comes courtesy of Popbitch email newsletter. How to use a celebrity to your advantage and maximise your publicity budget: 1. Have a new online gambling company? Look around for a popular, downmarket celebrity to front it. 2. Announce that Kerry Katona is the new face of your brand. 3. […]

Bring out your dead

When I worked on the Palm account the most valuable asset the company had was a vibrant developer community from large organisations like Sybase and Oracle to one-man bands selling their shareware over services like Tucows. Now according to Is the PalmOS missing the Multimedia Boat? by Tom Krazit that developer love don’t live […]

Code Martyrdom and The BBC

I saw this interesting article from the San Jose Mercury News: Work widow’s blog fuels uprising at Electronic Arts by Nicole Wong (April 26, 2006) about how tech company employees are rising up and casting off their shackles to try and get a life outside of work. Whilst the article focuses on the games industry, […]