Irony bombing

Reading Time: 2 minutes Katie Price aka Jordan and her husband, former pop star Peter Andre released an album A Whole New World late last year to cash in on their celebrity status. UK music journalists panned the album as mawkish, citizen reviewers on Amazon UK took a more pragmatic approach. Heaping their copy with ironic over-the-top praise and… Continue reading Irony bombing

Jargon Watch: Clickprint, Collabulary

Reading Time: < 1 minute Clickprint – Derived from the amount of time that a user spends on a web site and the number of pages viewed. The combination is a unique fingerprint that can help a site owner identify return visitors, curb fraud and upset the user with invasive marketing. Yahoo! used to analyse over ten terabytes of data… Continue reading Jargon Watch: Clickprint, Collabulary