The BlogBook

PR Week (subscription required) published the PowerBook this week, featuring 500 of the most prominent people in PR, it had a selection of questions that painted an interesting portrait of the people listed. BlackBerry’s at the ready, with leisure time facilitated by iPods and TiVo-equipped home entertainment systems, they are used to dining in London’s […]

User generated content is fine, but put a bouncer on the door

Sites like flickr owe as much to the community management skills as gifted coding. Wired magazine put the latest list of its annual Wired 40 on the web and allowed users to input by rating the decision. However I snapped the following screen picture near the bottom of the list as users have introduced jibberish. […]

Why Internet bubble 1.0 isn’t like the current market from a PR perspective

VC and pundit Andy Kessler apparently said that ‘history doesn’t repeat, it rhymes’ and for most PR agency people this time the current crop of web start-ups are a discordant verse of haiku. There isn’t a belief that the laws of economic gravity have been suspended (though you could argue this one, with sites like […]

Rated: Useless?

Jonny Rosemont had a recent posting on his old blog (his shiny new one is here) about three blogging tools that he rates and three which he thinks are tired. I have a slightly different stance since I got into post-widget stress disorder some 18 months ago and have cleared many of the products he […]

The thinking man’s radio station

I have been throwing my iTunes playlist data into since I found about the Audioscrobbler plug-in before the last.FM brand took off. I found it a useful way to add content on my website and get recommendations from friends playlists. It was only the other week that I really discovered the value of the […]