We only have a month to save the UK

When I worked in the chemical industry sulphur and chlorine were the building blocks of the chemical industry and that in turn helped to drive manufacturing from circuit boards and plastic toys to pharmaceuticals and washing powder. In the information economy the ubiquity and bandwidth of business and consumer internet connections plays a similar role […]

Country brands and trust

Edelman launched their Trust Barometer research earlier on today, I haven’t had a chance to read through the summaries and materials. But one of the most interesting things that came out of the few YouTube-hosted videos from the event was how much the country of origin reputation mattered so much when we assess the trustworthiness […]

Magazine Rack

On the way back from Hong Kong I wanted to have some magazines to read. So I went along to Great Food Hall in Pacific Place. I picked up three magazines: Wired – I already have a print subscription for Wired, but my copy seems to take the scenic route to get to me at […]

ThinkingAloud: The Twitter Man

I had a long caffiene-filled weekend chilling out reading old Wired articles on counter-culture, prediction markets and social media when an idea came to me. Why not combine the approach of Luke Rhinehart’s novel The Dice Man with an ad-hoc prediction market being substituted for the pseudo-chaotic responses provided by a pair of dice. Like […]

Sugar Rush

August Rush is a saccharin sweet musical that Americans do so well. Its so inoffensive, the only people you couldn’t bring along to watch it would be an Al Qaeda bigwig (mainly because they would be too busy watching Man Utd game re-runs instead).   The story centres around an orphan who is an Oliver […]