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Links of the day

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Europe faces ‘inflationary shock,’ EU says – International Herald Tribune – it will hit the poorest people hardest

Google sites drive a third of UK Internet traffic, says Hitwise | Technology | Guardian Unlimited – sounds a bit low given that seven out of ten internet journeys start with search

Insiders: 7 Confessions Of An Apple Macintosh Specialist – the best bit is how to screw with the store manager

Google Begins Experimenting with Image Recognition – very powerful leap forward, potentially negates the need for things like tagging in the longer term?

Alibaba Killer? Chinese Ministries Unveil New B2C Website

Morgan Stanley presentation on internet trends (March 18, 2007) – Meeker and Co roll out an interesting presentation

‘Hundreds of thousands’ of Microsoft web servers hacked. FAIL | Technology | Guardian Unlimited

DDB whitepaper on social communities, brand and product marketing – or as they call it ‘digital swarms’. Are we all just giant wasps to them? ;)

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Deliciously wrong II

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A while ago I blogged about children’s cigarette packets that had ambiguous designs which may encourage children to smoke as adults. You can see that post ‘Deliciously Wrong‘ here. Cyber Candy had some new package designs.

Death Row cigarettes

Death Row cigarettes are really exceptionally honest or trying to singlehandly bring back a west coast gangsta rap revival that would make Suge Knight very happy.

Just like Dad! cigarettes

Just Like Dad makes no pretence about its ulterior mission to develop future cigarette smokers, but you have to love the 50’s clip-art used on the package design. The young boy looks like the protagonist in 1950s TV show Leave It To Beaver.

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Links of the day

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NHK’s ‘Domo-kun’ to be aired in 101 countries › Japan Today: Japan News and Discussion – Way cool Domo-kun is a bit of an icon, looking forward to seeing his TV debut in UK

Facebook | Lexicon – Facebook’s answer to Google Zeitgeist

Europe Lags on Internet Penetration, Moves Ahead on Broadband Take-Up – interesting take on the mobile web here by Edelman thats a bit at odds to what I have heard from developers (rather than marketers) in terms of its viability

Faster – Why Constant Stress is Part of Our Future

EastSouthWestNorth: Why Is CNN Patriotic? – interesting piece on the western media from a Chinese perspective

Russia warming up to open source

Is Keyword Search About To Hit Its Breaking Point?

When China learned to say no – interesting interview with Chinese authors about ‘China can say no’ and the Chinese national identity

Chief Yahoo Jerry Yang: Valley Internet icon now in a tough spot –

Social Tools for the Office Worker: How to Subvert I.T. and Play at Work

Wired News – GPS market challenges – GPS devices heading towards market saturation

Apple: Salesforce to become an all-Mac shop