Links of the day

Reading Time: < 1 minute eBay UK Shop – Jerry-Store: Mobile – Cool retro mobile phones – makes me nostalgic for my Ericsson T39 Subcrewreact®  – HKG streetwear label very cool Google opens up on algorithms – The INQUIRER Weak Economy Boosts Sales of Old-School Tube TVs – Switched

A bit of a break

Reading Time: < 1 minute Yellow Irish pub, originally uploaded by Francois Schnell. I have to do one more post from the Nom Nom Nom event and then that’s it for a bit. I will be away visiting my extended family in Ireland. I won’t be able to get online so will have a bit of a respite from my… Continue reading A bit of a break

Fear and mortal terror over the cooking stove

Reading Time: 6 minutes I don’t cook. I used to work quite successfully in a laboratory mixing and heating hazardous ingredients as part of precise processes to produce new forms of bulletproof glass that went into South African armoured vehicles, helped develop a plastic that was used to make the headlight surround on Bentley motor cars and a glue… Continue reading Fear and mortal terror over the cooking stove