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Design: Marc Ecko Imperial Storm Trooper hooded top

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imperial storm trooper Jpg

Thanks to Ian Wood for flagging up this work of genius from Marc Ecko. The designer who once tagged Air Force One now wants to sign you up for the Galactic Empire as an Imperial Storm Trooper. Taking its cue from the L-R-G ‘Dead Serious’ and DJ Nogi’s BAPE hoodies, the zip goes all the way up making the hood into a passable replica of the storm trooper helmet.

If you want to succumb to the dark side of the force, you can pick one up online here.

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Links of the day

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How to Persuade People With Subconscious Techniques – wikiHow

Apple Sells Unlocked 3G iPhone On Its Hong Kong Website – OMG 188 USD per month is an obscene amount for Hutchison to charge for its monthly tariff for the iPhone

Cloud computing is a trap, warns GNU founder Richard Stallman – while I have sympathy for some of what Mr Stallman says, his argument misses the point about the benefits of social software.  Open formats and APIs allow you to move from one service to another as needs must.

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On the sofa: La Antena

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La Antena is set in a city lives without a voice, its words appearing as visual speech bubbles. The one person who as a voice called ‘The Voice’ has no visible face. The city consumes media (the main food seems to be cookies which mirror the spiral logo of the and is controlled by its megalomaniac owner.

The media owner Mr TV has a secret plan to subjugate the citizens forever. Its up to a little girl and her family to stop his evil man from robbing the city of its words with the help of a radio transmitter and the blind boy next door. Stylistically La Antena borrows extensively from the golden age of cinema, I noticed visual cues from Metropolis, Things to Come and Nosferatu.

The film has a lush indie Hollywood film like Sin City, but was in fact made on a preverbial shoe string in Argentina.  It is the most entertaining world cinema film I have seen since Wong Kar-Wai’s 2046 (admittedly La Antena doesn’t have actors with the presence of Maggie Cheung, Gong Li or Tony Leung).