Design: Marc Ecko Imperial Storm Trooper hooded top

Thanks to Ian Wood for flagging up this work of genius from Marc Ecko. The designer who once tagged Air Force One now wants to sign you up for the Galactic Empire as an Imperial Storm Trooper. Taking its cue from the L-R-G ‘Dead Serious’ and DJ Nogi’s BAPE hoodies, the zip goes all the […]

Links of the day

How to Persuade People With Subconscious Techniques – wikiHow Apple Sells Unlocked 3G iPhone On Its Hong Kong Website – OMG 188 USD per month is an obscene amount for Hutchison to charge for its monthly tariff for the iPhone Cloud computing is a trap, warns GNU founder Richard Stallman – while I have sympathy […]

On the sofa: La Antena

La Antena is set in a city lives without a voice, its words appearing as visual speech bubbles. The one person who as a voice called ‘The Voice’ has no visible face. The city consumes media (the main food seems to be cookies which mirror the spiral logo of the and is controlled by its […]

Links of the day

Oracle announces first hardware product – Yahoo Opens R&D In Grenoble; UK Too Expensive, Too Few Engineers? | paidContent:UK – Is this an extension to the Kelkoo guys that used to be in Grenoble or somethig different (maybe to take advantage of the HP layoffs). Transmeta calls it a day and looks for a […]

Jargon Watch: Micro-agency

Micro-agency: this is one that Jonathan Hopkins picked up that I came up with when talking about his agency Shed. It was a blatant steal on the concept of micro-brewery – a small brewing pilot-plant based business that competes in a niche, specialism or on quality with larger more-efficient brewing operations. To me the analogy […]