Happy Hallowe’en :-)

I am looking forward to re-watching my well-worn DVD of The Crow and having toasted slices of Báirín Breac with its mixed spices and hope not to chip my teeth on the toy ring that they put in them. You can make your own at home if you have access to an oven and enough […]

Oprah Time: Groundswell by Charlene Li and Josh Bernoff

Forrester Research occupy a unique position. They have access to the internet’s great thinkers through briefings that they have with all the leading web service companies: Yahoo!, Google, Facebook and everyone in between. On the other side they act as a marketing consultant to a number of main street brands. Li and Bernoff have crystalised […]

Links of the day

Micro Persuasion: Graph Your Tweets with Twitter Charts – really nice Yahoo! Pipes / Google Charts mash-up Skyrock.com’s Sale Hampered By Crunch, Confident Will Survive ‘Dark Days’ | paidContent:UK The Survival Matrix – VC analysis during downturn Intel repudiates executives’ criticism of the iPhone – NYTimes.com – PR Fail PR 2.0: Twitter Tools for Community […]

On the sofa: Ghost In The Shell

I remember seeing Ghost In The Shell at the cinema in the 051 centre in Liverpool. The 051 Centre was more famous for the club nights ran there by Dave Graham at a time when he ran Groove Records in the city centre. Anyway the cinema had a reputation for showing world and art house […]

Twitter killing blogs?

The likes of Paul Boutin and Ian Sample have talked about why micro-media like Twitter and the like are the future and blogs are on the endangered list. The argument goes something like this: blogging is now too big, its hard to find the good content from the bad with all the noise out there […]