Oprah Time: What Does China Think? by Mark Leonard

What does China think? sounds like a major subject area which would require a huge volume to discuss. Leonard’s book in comparison is little more than a pamphlet which I managed to sit down and read cover-to-cover in a little over three hours during the Christmas period.  I was first switched on to Leonard’s writing by […]

Predictions for 2009

Its become a bit of a tradition to do predictions, here’s mine for 2009: Haptic displays are going to evolve as everyone jumps on the touchscreen wagon for mobile devices Mobile devices won’t move forward much in terms of technology as the battery life isn’t there, mini and micro USB connections will become the norm […]

Design: Adfunture Workshop Hiroshi Fujiwara figure

Hiroshi Fujiwara, originally uploaded by renaissancechambara. Causeway Bay’s vinyl dons Adfunture Workshop have come back with a blinder: a vinyl figurine of famous musician and tastemaker Hiroshi Fujiwara. Fujiwara-san is now famous for his collaborations and designer threads; working with the likes of Nike, Levis, Burton the surfboard company and guitar hero Eric Clapton. Ok, […]

Oprah Time: Grown Up Digital by Don Tapscott

Tapscott’s book is a sequel to Growing Up Digital; a book that he originally wrote about the net generation / millenials / gen-Y. The book is more of a defence of the net generation Tapscott takes some of the different criticisms leveled at them and deals with them head on. Are the net generation really […]

Jargon Watch: Dark Trading

Dark trading – Buying and selling stock outside of public view in pools set up by investment banks such as UBS and Goldman Sachs. The practice allows clients to exchange stock at high volume without moving the market significantly. The benefits for doing things in this way mean that positions can be built up over […]