Jargon Watch: Harris’ Law

Reading Time: < 1 minute Jason Calacanis has touched on the issue of overconnectivity in a recent editon of his email newsletter. It dealt  with more certainty about the adverse social effects that connectivity brings which I first heard raised by Eric Benhamou of 3Com when he spoke about a decade ago in a keynote at Networld+InterOp in Paris. Key… Continue reading Jargon Watch: Harris’ Law

It isn’t pink, I usually go this colour when I am embarrassed

Reading Time: 2 minutes The embarrassment in question is in relation to the lame marketing tie-in I noticed between shirt-maker Thomas Pink and the forthcoming Sony Pictures film: The Pink Panther 2.     Not quite feeling the synergy here guys beyond the colour pink. In addition to a limited edition range of shirts with a tacky label, there… Continue reading It isn’t pink, I usually go this colour when I am embarrassed

Jargon Watch: Justice porn

Reading Time: < 1 minute When I was a kid, there was a strangely tedious yet compelling show on in the middle of the afternoon called Crown Court, there members of a jury picked from the electorial role in the Granada television region (North West of England) heard court cases that were created (featuring actors as judges, witnesses and the… Continue reading Jargon Watch: Justice porn