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Adventures in Merseyside: part three

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It has been over a decade since I left Merseyside to move down to London. During this time some things have changed. None more so than Liverpool Lime Street. The formerly grimy station has had a makeover. An independent coffee shop that any city would be proud of sits between platforms 7&8 with bacon rolls included on the menu to appeal to the taste of the local clientele alongside the Illy-branded expresso cups. Though free Wi-Fi would be a nice touch.

Alongside this progress has come a blandification as traditional Liverpool boozers and independent trendy bars face off with a plethora of lifeforce draining chain establishments like Walkabout, Revolution and the Slug & Lettuce. Some of these chains are champions of the vertical drinking establishment – so not great for a city that has enough social ills already.

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I like: Sephora “vending machine” at airport

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Sephora “vending machine” at airport, originally uploaded by Salim_Mitha.

Salim took a picture of this cosmetic vending machine at Dallas Fort Worth airport which I geeked out on. Whilst the brand is owned by LVMH it sells cosmetics in JC Penney, so no brand manager having to worry about providing an appropriate luxury experience via a vending machine like you may have to do with more upmarket brands like Darphin or Clinique.

Now if they could vend fragrances in the same way, it would make gift shopping much easier for men rather than having to negotiate duty-free shop assistants.

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