Foursquare, ESP and Pat Phelan

If this turns into a bit of a meandering post you can blame Pat Phelan, it is all his fault and being a Galway person I love having any excuse to blame a Cork man. Phelan’s post got me thinking about Foursquare and the phenomena of ‘check-in fatigue’. But before I address Foursquare, I wanted […]

Ten consumer goods that I can’t give up

Pat Law talked about then consumer goods that she couldn’t give up, here’s my ten. Mechanical watch – surprisingly given my job I have a deep irrational distrust of electronic things. I also like the comforting glow of tritium markers on my watch if I wake up during the night. I usually rock a Rolex […]

Links of the day

TelecomTV | Europeans to be told what information is kept on them. Brits left in the dark – as usual – two-tier disclosure from a privacy perspective Exclusive: Google, CIA Invest in ‘Future’ of Web Monitoring | Danger Room | – prediction of user intent as well as understanding the context of a search […]

Oh My Gosh: Thor movie trailer

If the trailer is anything to go by the new Thor film is sufficiently awesome to forgive Kenneth Brannagh for all that Merchant Ivory guff he has done in the past.

Twitter and large corporate brands

Some interesting research from 360i questions what we mean by privacy with Brandchannel discussing the research using the phrase “Twitter takes the private space public” and the use of Twitter by large corporate brands. In addition to the research 360i released a slide deck summary below. Twitter & the Consumer-Marketer Dynamic View more presentations from […]