Foursquare, ESP and Pat Phelan

Reading Time: 3 minutes If this turns into a bit of a meandering post you can blame Pat Phelan, it is all his fault and being a Galway person I love having any excuse to blame a Cork man. Phelan’s post got me thinking about Foursquare and the phenomena of ‘check-in fatigue’. But before I address Foursquare, I wanted… Continue reading Foursquare, ESP and Pat Phelan

Ten consumer goods that I can’t give up

Reading Time: 2 minutes Pat Law talked about then consumer goods that she couldn’t give up, here’s my ten. Mechanical watch – surprisingly given my job I have a deep irrational distrust of electronic things. I also like the comforting glow of tritium markers on my watch if I wake up during the night. I usually rock a Rolex… Continue reading Ten consumer goods that I can’t give up

Links of the day

Reading Time: 3 minutes TelecomTV | Europeans to be told what information is kept on them. Brits left in the dark – as usual – two-tier disclosure from a privacy perspective Exclusive: Google, CIA Invest in ‘Future’ of Web Monitoring | Danger Room | – prediction of user intent as well as understanding the context of a search… Continue reading Links of the day