I like: Kid Adrift – Oxycotin

Music videos to me are generally a thing of the 80s, it puts visions of MTV station idents and piles of VHS casettes into my head. But I love this video, I won’t explain why because that would spoil it for you. Enjoy: Big shout to my mate Si for flagging this one up to […]

Links of the day

GameCrush Lets Guys Pay Money To Play Online Games With Women (Seriously) – they should rake it in: its an escort agency for losers EconPapers: Trust network sclerosis: the hazard of trust in innovation investment communities – shared identity and experience serve as proxies for trust in influencing decisions, and subsequently how trust can serve […]

Next generation haptic displays

Haptics are about the touch aspect of user interfaces. We’ve been used to them for a while in cellphones with a vibrating alert, the PlayStation2 rumble pack hand controller, but Nokia Research have been showing New Scientist how they would take it to the next level…

Great interview with Profesor Tim Yu on net neutrality

The US arguments over Net neutrality is interesting especially since the EU is now looking at net neutrality guidelines. Tim Yu at Columbia University did a lot of pioneering work around this in the US. It is interesting when they get on to discussing Google’s moves on net neutrality. Thanks to Engadget. You can check […]

Amazing MIT Media Lab video

I found this MIT media lab video via Marc Ecko, much more intuitive than Adobe Photoshop – it could bring a whole new level creativity from kids to artists.