I like: double-hinged car doors

MINI have designed a concept car angled towards the urban market and wanted to get the car back to its roots in terms of Sir Alec Issigonis’ original design specification over five decades ago. Materials and manufacturing processes have moved on, so the double-hinge makes more today than it would have done first time around. […]

I like: Cape Verde Session by Danny Briottet

I was looking for Renegade Soundwave (by Renegade Soundwave) to kick out a link on my Twitter feed when I came across this gem from former RSW member Danny Briottet on his own YouTube channel. Enjoy the vibes.

Links of the day | 在网上找到

Brand building and social media—the silo crisis just got worse | Aaker on Brands – Aaker nails some of the most vexing aspects of social media in this post Internet wishlist – good starting point for start-ups looking for a purpose Jag35.com – with the rise of DSLRs as movie cameras has come kit to […]

Odd process design

I got a package from Germany the other day, here’s a picture of it. The little sparkle of colour is a DHL hologram, whilst the rest of the box is emblazoned with Deutsche Post. Surely I should be able to tell that the service is DHL by the performance rather than a brandmark technique which […]

The folly of technology co-marketing budgets

One the the things I used to hate about technology marketing is that it was so predictable with speeds, feeds, a price and with an inane marketing line that actually means nothing and doesn’t give the consumer a compelling reason to purchase the product in the first place. Whilst it might be the post-PC era, […]