The Google+ Spam mystery

I’ve lurked on Google+ as the network hadn’t grown big enough for me to gain much use out of it. And then I started to receive updates from people I vaguely knew directly to my work email address. Basically spam. So I decided to run a trial update myself on the service to understand how […]

Ogilvy on the big idea

Great thought provoking paper on the ‘big idea’ What’s The big ideaL? View more documents from Ogilvy & Mather Worldwide  

Links of the day | 在网上找到

Internet Marketing Strategy – free-to-download briefing document on what Econsultancy considers to be five key online trends: customer centricity, channel diversification, data, social media and content strategy Majority of South Koreans’ data exposed | – the interesting bit is the data wipe of PCs used in the attack to hide fingerprints When Will a […]

Whatever happened to luxury brand Chloé’s online push in China? | 被遗弃的奢侈品牌的营销活动?

French luxury ready-to-wear pioneer and Richemont Group fashion brand Chloé drove forward with an expansionist strategy for the Chinese market earlier this year with a webcast fashion show, corporate blog and an ambitious e-commerce strategy. The webcast fashion show was supposed to be about the fifth anniversary of the brand, but was more about expanding […]

A problem called Bing

When the latest Microsoft results came out one of the biggest drags on it was losses made by the company’s online services business; specifically the search product Bing. The challenge Google has had an immense head start in building the best search engine (at least for Roman-based languages), it has built up an unrivaled search […]