Great copywriting I have known

I use Echofon on my work Mac since its OS doesn’t have the App store on it. Echofon is an advert-supported piece of software and usually I am not that interested. 140Proof sell the ads and in the spirit of Twitter keep the copy down to below 140 characters. This copy from News Corporation’s The […]

Korean B-Boy crew Last For One vs Los Angeles Times

The Los Angeles Times did a short film of Last For One who were made famous in the the documentary Planet B-Boy. The split screen style apes 1960s action film titles. The video is on the YouTube service so may not be able to be watched everywhere.

Pizza Express: use and reuse in design | 在设计的使用和重用

I had lunch at Pizza Express the other week and noticed that the cutlery were kept on the table in a branded can. At first I thought that the can was specially for that purpose and to convey the brand message. I passed another Pizza Express restaurant the other day and noticed that they were […]

Links of the day | 在网上找到

Top 10 global retail and auction sites: Global – Digital Intelligence I, Cringely » Larry Page’s Manhattan Project – big bets rather than smaller fast failure model Interview: Fashion Designer Peggy Tan’s Cheongsam Dream « Jing Daily Asiajin » English Broadcaster NHK World Starts Free Ustream Channel Is 14nm the end of the road for […]

Google’s blue arrow bugged me | 从不一致的设计刺激

When Google opened up it’s Google Plus network to it’s entire user base rather than invites Google highlighted it to everyone with a very organic-blue arrow. This irritated me at the time for a couple of reasons: It looked like vandalism of the clean search engine page. Google’s doodles aren’t human but engaging and perfectly […]