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Great copywriting I have known

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I use Echofon on my work Mac since its OS doesn’t have the App store on it. Echofon is an advert-supported piece of software and usually I am not that interested. 140Proof sell the ads and in the spirit of Twitter keep the copy down to below 140 characters.
The daily copywriting
This copy from News Corporation’s The Daily caught my eye as it shows real insight of the tastes and social norms of their audience.

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Korean B-Boy crew Last For One vs Los Angeles Times

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The Los Angeles Times did a short film of Last For One who were made famous in the the documentary Planet B-Boy. The split screen style apes 1960s action film titles.

The video is on the YouTube service so may not be able to be watched everywhere.

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Pizza Express: use and reuse in design | 在设计的使用和重用

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I had lunch at Pizza Express the other week and noticed that the cutlery were kept on the table in a branded can. At first I thought that the can was specially for that purpose and to convey the brand message.
Pizza Express presentation
I passed another Pizza Express restaurant the other day and noticed that they were selling the pizza sauce in the same tins with the same visually attractive design. It is extremely impressive that the packaging design was sufficiently good that the empty tins could be reused in this way.