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Reading Time: 2 minutes Future Perfect » The Touchmedia Tax – fascinating myth of the ‘captive audience’ The facial recognition revolution – Blogs Five-Year Plan launches China textiles on new course – move to South East Asia and less developed parts of China coupled with increasing automation Panasonic expected to post Y300 bil loss ‹ Japan Today –… Continue reading Links of the day | 在网上找到

Real-world McGyver

Reading Time: < 1 minute YouTube user SpiritPlumber put up a video showing how to make an impromptu cellphone charger from off-the-shelf components available in a Radio Shack (think Maplins in the UK). The impressive thing is that these were not bench assembled, but built on-the-fly in the electronics store a la the US  fictional TV show McGyver of the… Continue reading Real-world McGyver

European protests against ACTA gain a bit of steam

Reading Time: < 1 minute La Quadrature du Net have dialled up their protest against ACTA (Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement) in advance of the European Union bringing it into law. A report by the European Parliament has pointed out that ACTA is bad for EU countries. Or as La Quadrature du Net put it: ACTA is an agreement secretly negotiated by… Continue reading European protests against ACTA gain a bit of steam