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Dublin Airport artifact from the knowledge economy circa 2004 | 爱尔兰机场和过时的软件

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I would have thought that Dublin Airport Authority would have been enriched by the current situation in Ireland with expensive EU funded financial whizz-kids flying into the country to ‘help out’ and an exodus of young under-employed professionals leaving to make a life somewhere else. So I was surprised that the company had mobile assets that would have been current circa 2004/5. More here.
Dublin Airport
PocketPC (not even Windows Mobile) and PalmOS were supported – no Symbian (Series 60 and 90 devices would have been out at the time), let alone Android or iOS.

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Developing for iPhone limits ideas like A|B testing in refining the development process. has taken an obvious, but interesting approach to development by having Weibo users vote on which UI concepts that they like, getting them involved as co-creators. More here.

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Questions I have about Nokia

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Nokia has been going through a period of transformation from the ‘burning platform’ memo to a Microsoft-powered future. The recently released their financial results where were widely covered and talked about over a million Windows Phone-based devices sold. There is some really good analysis of their numbers over at Asymco and the Communities Dominate Brands blogs.
City AM on Nokia's results
The mainstream media has been overly simplistic at best like this headline from City AM above; but what I didn’t see was answers around the following questions, which I have grouped around  three headers

Windows Phone devices

  • With Microsoft specifying so much of the hardware design on Windows Phone devices how much design does Nokia need?
  • How much will it cost Nokia to realign its hardware design business units?  What is the costs of getting rid of further workers in Europe likely to be? What does it see as the risks of outsourcing innovation to Microsoft?
  • What are the cost implications of getting rid of Nokia’s factories and associated design functions given the move towards Windows?
  • How will Nokia compete on scale | cost with the likes of Samsung?
  • From a consumer perspective, given that Microsoft Windows Phones are so similar, why buy Nokia over other manufacturers like Samsung, ZTE or HTC?
  • Will Nokia have a big enough business to support its industry-beating distribution network?
  • Nokia sold over a million devices, was this sales through the channel or ‘channel-stuffing’?
  • What was the cost per handset sold of its European advertising blitzkrieg in the run up to Christmas?
  • By comparison, in the markets were it was sold how did the Nokia N9 do? What was the cost per handset in terms of advertising support?
  • Why should a consumer buy a Nokia Lumia phone over a Samsung Galaxy  Android device?

Feature phones

  • What does the future technology roadmap look like for feature phones?
  • What about Meltemi Linux-based OS and the Smarterphone acquisition offerings?
  • Mediatek reference design-based phones have been suffering in the Chinese market, how will Nokia compete against a likely influx of these handsets at cheap prices across the developing world?
  • How will Nokia catch-up on dual SIM handsets compared to say Samsung (who seem to have stolen a march on dual SIM innovation)?
  • How will Nokia compete with Chinese rivals like Huawei and ZTE who have been making moves in the developed and developing world markets?

Nokia Siemens Networks and other things

  • What is going to happen with Nokia’s wireless network business?
  • What is Nokia doing with its patent sales to intellectual property companies?
  • What is the vision for online assets like Dopplr and the mapping business?