Dublin Airport artifact from the knowledge economy circa 2004 | 爱尔兰机场和过时的软件

I would have thought that Dublin Airport Authority would have been enriched by the current situation in Ireland with expensive EU funded financial whizz-kids flying into the country to ‘help out’ and an exodus of young under-employed professionals leaving to make a life somewhere else. So I was surprised that the company had mobile assets […]

Sina.com weibo co-creation for iPhone application

Developing for iPhone limits ideas like A|B testing in refining the development process. Sina.com has taken an obvious, but interesting approach to development by having Weibo users vote on which UI concepts that they like, getting them involved as co-creators. More here.

Questions I have about Nokia

Nokia has been going through a period of transformation from the ‘burning platform’ memo to a Microsoft-powered future. The recently released their financial results where were widely covered and talked about over a million Windows Phone-based devices sold. There is some really good analysis of their numbers over at Asymco and the Communities Dominate Brands […]

Links of the day | 在网上找到

Official Google Blog: Updating our privacy policies and terms of service Unpacking the Fourth Quarter Numbers at Samsung Electronics – WSJ – issues with profit margins abound Sky News Infringed My Copyright » Terence Eden has a Blog – interesting that Terence didn’t invoke the Digital Economy Act The Times They Are a Changing…and These […]

Jargon Watch: Showrooming

The Wall Street Journal defined showrooming: that is, when shoppers come into a store to see a product in person, only to buy it from a rival online, frequently at a lower price We’ve all done, particularly with a new clothes brand that I am not familiar with to get my sizing or scanned the […]