Marketing technology landscape

A good mix of an overview and retrospective to some former big names like Vignette: MARKETING TECHNOLOGY LUMAscape from Terence Kawaja

Links of the day | 在网上找到

The first of its kind: Braun CoolTec – Luxury News from Luxury Insider – not convinced by this Public does not trust authenticity of brand messages, study finds | PRWeek – reputation is, as reputation does Data Broker Giants Hacked by ID Theft Service — Krebs on Security – LexisNexis, Kroll and D&B compromised according […]

Five for Friday | 五日(星期五)

Things that made my day this week: My friend Freddy switched me on to this mix which was done as a warm-up to Notting Hill Carnival by Psychemagik. Electrolux has been publicising its student design competition, the MAB was my favourite Ylvis’ The Fox did the rounds of the office My personal favourite is their […]

The Google versus PR post

I was talking to colleagues during the week and thought it would be timely answer the question, what does Google moving search click-throughs on to HTTPS mean for PR people? We have less data to use as part of a scientific approach to developing messaging. For non-mainland Chinese audiences we are reliant on Google advertising […]

Links of the day | 在网上找到

US websites should inform EU citizens about NSA surveillance, says report – tear up the data safe harbor agreements, foster European cloud services… Google buys more buildings in Silicon Valley – – enough space for 12-14,000 more people. That’s basically more staff than Yahoo! probably has worldwide Poor-Man’s Speed: Coming of Age in Wigan’s […]