The trouble with Twitter

You can read elsewhere about the troubles facing Twitter, I have linked to some of the best analyses I found out there at the bottom of this article. If you don’t have time to go through them, here’s the ‘CliffsNotes’ version: Management turnover. Three different heads of engineering in 18 months, five different product leads […]

Links of the day | 在网上找到

Here’s How Free Basics Is Actually Being Sold Around The World – BuzzFeed News – no real surprises Hong Kong: Beijing opens a new chapter – – title belies the copy (paywall) Daring Fireball: Mossberg: ‘Twitter Has Become Secret-Handshake Software’ – interesting debate on user experience

Five for Friday | 五日(星期五)

Things that made my day this week included: Great interview with Susan Kare Kare is famous for her icon designs on the first nine versions of the Mac OS. Luxxury have cut a new slice of 1980s dance music that Maze or Hall & Oates would have been happy with. Take it Slow is out […]

Links of the day | 在网上找到

Safari Suggestions bug causes browser crashes in iOS and OS X | Ars Technica – I noticed this first thing in the morning on my Mac, goes to show how dependent we are on network based services Apple is preparing for a future where individual iPhone sales don’t matter | Quartz – but what about how the investors […]

The FireChat Post

FireChat became famous due to its mesh networking function that allowed Hong Kong protestors to connect with each other when the mobile network wouldn’t support their discussions. The clever underlying technology belies the key consumer benefit of a messenger application. I logged into FireChat for the time in a while the other day, as I […]