Microsoft in Yahoo! saga

Reading Time: 4 minutes Microsoft in Yahoo! saga Re/code has an interesting article on how Microsoft in Yahoo! saga continues to influence the sell off of Yahoo! assets by investing money in whichever bid coalition wins. This feels like a riff on Yahoo!’s history over the past six years. Careful balancing act for Microsoft The 2010 aggressive bid for… Continue reading Microsoft in Yahoo! saga

Using in macOS

Reading Time: 3 minutes is a way of getting to the Unix underpinnings of Apple’s Mac OS X operating system. It is generally kept out of the way because an uneducated user could do a lot of damage. I have put together eight of my favourite life hacks using Terminal here. Your mileage will vary. Over time Apple has… Continue reading Using in macOS

Links of the day | 在网上找到

Reading Time: 2 minutes Microsoft Could Help Finance a Yahoo Takeover | Vanity Fair – Despite the turmoil surrounding Yahoo, one tech giant has expressed its interest in maintaining relations with the struggling company. Microsoft has been in talks to finance bids – a Microsoft-financed Yahoo takeover is equivalent to burning a competitor down from the inside. More on Yahoo! here.… Continue reading Links of the day | 在网上找到