Naomi Wu & things from last week

Reading Time: 2 minutes Naomi Wu on the nascent open source culture developing in China. It isn’t just about China taking anymore but contributing. Ironically, China’s large corporates have now tried to start building intellectual property as a weapon cough, cough Huawei. Huawei historically leached off the open source community for software and spent a good deal of time… Continue reading Naomi Wu & things from last week

Throwback gadget: Nokia N950

Reading Time: 5 minutes Nokia N950 origins The Nokia N950 was designed at a weird time. Nokia’s position as the premier smartphone maker was under siege from Android and iPhone after seeing off the Palm OS and numerous iterations of Windows Phone. Nokia had missed the boat on devices with capacitive touch displays. It was using a smartphone operating… Continue reading Throwback gadget: Nokia N950

ICYMI | 당신이 그것을 놓친 경우

Reading Time: 2 minutes Who is winning more 2018 Chinese Consumers? – Global site – Kantar Worldpanel – top line is that western FMCG brands are growing 2018 China consumers market share at a slower rate than their local competitors. Any of them that banging on about 2018 Chinese consumers as a strategic market long term have another think… Continue reading ICYMI | 당신이 그것을 놓친 경우