Reading Time: 3 minutes Much of the work in the developing world relies on self employment. Be it farming, fisheries, a small retail operation or repairing products like cobblers or seamstresses. In South Asia and sub-Saharan Africa, self employment accounts for over 70 per cent of the workforce *. Let’s use the brand TOMS for a thought experiment about… Continue reading Cobblers

ICYMI | 당신이 그것을 놓친 경우에 대비해서

Reading Time: 2 minutes Amazon Restricts How Rival Device Makers Buy Ads on Its Site – WSJ – interesting that his is confirmed by both according to Amazon employees and executives at rival companies and advertising firms. Would rival device makers have an antitrust case? It would be harder for Amazon to argue that it doesn’t have a monopoly… Continue reading ICYMI | 당신이 그것을 놓친 경우에 대비해서

The merge

Reading Time: 3 minutes I first heard of the merge from Sam Altman’s blog. He said that it was a popular topic of conversation in Silicon Valley to guess when (not if) humans and machines will merge. In a meaningful way rather than just a Johnny Mnemonic-style walking data storage unit. When I heard of this definition of the… Continue reading The merge